We are excited to introduce a whole new range of yarns from The Fibre Company. &Make! We have long admired The Fibre Company's ability to create beautiful yarns in and array of interesting fibre blends and now they have applied this know how to a range of approachable yarns, perfect for beginners and experienced crafters alike.

&Make has been created to provide knitters and crocheters with a yarn made from 100% natural, sustainable fibres from renewable sources. Minimal but still beautiful and ideal for that first project. &Make is launching with three classic weights and we are stocking them all. A DK, Aran and Super Bulky, all beginner friendly. From the quick knitting Super Bulky for creating your first scarf, Aran weight for easy jumpers and accessories and DK for everything else in between.

Let's start with the Super Bulky. This plump 100% Highland Wool is a chunky lovers dream. Quick to knit on needles 8mm-12mm. Chunky yarn is ideal for beginners, it knits quickly and the stitches are easy to visualise. Its perfect for chunky scarfs and hats but also makes fun overside garments. &Make Super Bulky comes in 100g balls and on average you need 1 for a hat about 4 for a scarf and 6-10 for a jumper.

Next up is the Aran. A blend of 50% Highland wool and 50% alpaca. Alpaca gives wonderful softness to this yarn and the Highland wool gives sturdiness. Soft and squishy and ideal for all sorts of projects. Knitting on needles between 4.5mm-5.5mm, it creates a nice weight of fabric that is perfect for garments. Less bulky but still is thick enough to be speedy you could knit up a cable jumper in no time. &Make Aran comes in 100g balls and on average you need 1 for a hat about 3 for a scarf and 5-8 for a jumper.

Last we have the DK. A classic weight of yarn that has a whole host of applications. This interesting blend has 55% Highland wool, 35% alpaca and 10% linen. The linen adds crips structure to the yarn while the alpaca ads softness and the Highland wool its strength. An ideal yarn if you are looking for strong definition over a whole host of textural stitches &Make DK comes in 50g balls and on average you need 2 for a hat about 6 for a scarf and 6-10 for a jumper.

The Fibre Co have released some patterns to accompany the yarn launch so if you are looking for what to make read on:

image - The Fibre Co.

Gridland Scarf (link to ravelry). A scarf is a great beginner friendly project and an ideal project for test driving a yarn. The Gridland Scarf is designed for all three weights of &Make so all you need is to choose your favourite. This simple scarf shape is given interest by using knit and purl stitches to create a grid of squares.

Approximate yarn quantities:

5 balls of &Make Super Bulky. 3 balls of &Make Aran. 8 balls of &Make DK

Warm & Easy Hat: DK, Aran, Super Bulky (links to ravelry) by Kate Atherley. If scarves are not your think and are looking for a bit more of a challenge then a hat is a great next step. Knit in the round its a great way of learning shaping over a smaller project. There are separate hat patterns designed for the different weights of &Make. Choose from the speedy Super Bulky, the mid weight Aran or the finer DK.

Yarn quantities:

Between 1-2 balls of &Make DK. 1 ball of &Make Aran. Between 1-2 balls of &Make Super Bulky.

Purls of Wisdom Sweater: DK, Aran, Super Bulky (links to ravelry). This jumper is the perfect first jumper if you are looking to expand your knitting skills. Knitted seamlessly in the round from the top. Starting with the yoke that is highlighted with simple purl rows. Like the hat there are separate patterns designed for the different weights of &Make.

Yarn quantities:

Between 6 - 11 balls of &Make DK. Between 5 - 8 balls of &Make Aran. Between 5 - 10 balls of &Make Super Bulky.