Traditions Revisited is a masterwork by Aleks Byrd. By drawing on her Estonian heritage Aleks introduces us to the beautiful world of Estonian knitting through modern designs that show off techniques such as Roosimine and Estonian Braids. As well as the patterns themselves there are also illustrated technique pages. Not only did Aleks write the book, make all the designs, she also drew all the illustrations.

Ajatu. This seamless jumper is knitted from the bottom up with set in sleeves. The playful loopy fringe around the hem and up the body is great way to add a pop of colour and texture. Hillesvåg Sølje would have a nice rustic feel.

Kangas. A beautifully simple shawl which showcases knitted braids between garter stitch. Knit from tip to tip in a lovely squishy DK. I would choose Fyberspates Vivacious DK. You will need 5 skeins of the main colour and one skein of the contrast.

Kihnu. Braids and colourwork add an exciting detail while also giving modern twist on a traditional sock style. Fun to knit and also great to have fun with colour. Try this in the Fibre Co Amble and Amble Minis. One Skein for the main colour and one mini for the contrast.

Kilp. This top down jumper features a bold roosimine pattern on the front and makes real impact. Knit in a sport weight for the body and worsted for the roosimine. I would choose a rich combination of Nua Sport and Nua Worsted.

Kiperoosa. These flip top fingerless mittens have the option of switching between both fingerless and mitten style. Featuring decorative stitches as well two colour roosimine. These would be really cosy knit in Garthenor Preseli.

Maru. Knit from the brim up this geometric hat features a band of twisting stitches inspired by vikkel stitch stockings. For a luxury hat try Nordic Yarn Eco Cashmere.

Mulgi. I love the shoulder shape of this jumper and the dramatic detail of the wrapped smock effect stitches on the sleeve. They could be bold or understated depending on your colour choice. This would look good knit in so many yarns but I'm being drawn to a combination of Hillesvåg Tinde for the body and Fyberspates Cumulus for the arm details.

Mulin. The Estonian nupp bobble pattern on this jumper makes it one of my favourites in the book. I love how simple and elegant it looks. I would knit this in Norne BFL / Silk / Cashmere Fingering with its silk content that will catch the light on the bobbles.

Mustjala. The basketweave detail of the dramatic vikkel twisted stitch panel that runs up the front of this vest looks so intriguing to knit. I think the Fibre Co Amble would be my choice here to give good definition to the stitches.

Päikene. This cheery cardigan with its relaxed open front has a charming detail in the flower like roosimine forms around the cuffs and hem. I think the lovely Fyberspates Vivacious DK would work well.

Rukkilill. A fun combination of stitches and yarn for this mohair / 4ply combination. The nuppud bobbles worked in mohair provide a contrast in texture. I would choose the trusty combination of Vivacious 4ply or Socks Yeah 4ply with Fyberspates Cumulus.

Siil. A staggard fringe of loopy stitches in a contrast colour add a playful frill to these simple mittens. I would go for Hillesvåg Tinde for the main colour and then the contrast is made from a finer yarn. I would be tempted to use Hélène Magnússon Gilitrutt Tvíband for that.

Tiivad. Knit from the longest edge inwards this classic shawl is interspersed with fringe stripes worked in one and two colours. Knit in Garthenor Preseli.

Troi Sweater. This stunning jumper is a work of art. Knit seamlessly from the bottom up it features an amazing all over colourwork design as well as braids and pockets. It also comes in a dress version. I would choose the earthy tones of Nua Sport.

Tuljak. A happy combination of braids and colourwork in a seamless, top down jumper. Knit with two strands held together I would choose either G-uld No.4 or Hélène Magnússon Gilitrutt Tvíband.

Tuul. A subtle top down v-neck jumper featuring twisted stitches placed delicately at the raglan increases and side 'seams'. John Arbon Yarnadelic would be a nice choice.

Veski. This jumper celebrates roosimine to full effect. Placing a bold roosimine motif in the centre to create real impact which is echoed on a minimal sleeve detail. Fibre Co Cumbria Worsted would be a lovely choice.

Virvendus. Kihnu vit braids are the highlight of this jumper, they look like strings of lights that radiate around the body. Knit in John Arbon Knit by Numbers, paired with a silk mohair I would choose Fyberspates Cumulus.

Vormsi. This classic looking jumper is a wardrobe staple that has been elevated by the vikkel stitch pattern and ribbing on the lower sleeves. Knit in John Arbon Yarnadelic.

All these gorgeous woolly creations are bound to leave you breathless, but if you happen to be close to London and are still struggling to pick your first project, why not pop by Knit with attitude on June 11th to ask advice from the designer herself? All information about our upcoming events with Aleks can be found on our Workshop & Events page. We can't wait to welcome you all!