A recurring theme in the Knit with attitude newsletter is our community, the joy of sharing and being joined together by our love for our crafts and the joy of creating and making. We have discussed how the need for such moments of happiness is larger and more important especially in times that seem glooming and actually quite frightening – and how we would love to come up with a way to create more of those: with a wink, a cheeky smile and laughter. In an attempt to do so, create more of those moments that bring happiness, joy and togetherness, we came up with The For the Love of … Show and Tell Challenge!

We made 3 categories, open to a well of interpretations, it was totally up to you what meaning to put into them: Best Disguised Mistake, Travelling Stitches and Technique Conqueror. Inviting our dear newsletter subscribers*, yes that you guys, to contribute we were over the moon discovering how many of you that wanted to come play along! The votes have been counted and our winners are:

The winner of Best Disguised Mistake is Susan, we had a draw with both Debbie and Lorna winning the Travelling Stitches category, and our Technique Conqueror is Gillian. Thank you so much to all our winners, but equally to everyone that joined in sharing your projects and stories! It has been a privilege and such joy to see our For the Love Of ... Show and Tell Challenge happening, we're definitely planning for the next one. I'll be contacting all winners about their prizes the next coming days, but you know what ... we decided we wanted to spread a little bit more love, so if you participated casting your vote there might be a little something coming your way as well. We'll do a random draw of three voters, who each will get a small token of gratitude from KWA. If you are one of those you'll hear from me in a few days as well.