Rachel Illsley's colourwork designs are just magnificent, they are complex but delicate at the same time and ooze personality. Small and well observed details are at the heart of her patterns. Which contain a myriad of tiny crosses, lines and shapes that build into an impactful design. Blum is one of those designs that stops you in your tracks. Heavily ornate and patterned it is mesmerising.

Blum is knit in the round from the top down and is worked with a full stranded colourwork design. Sleeves are worked separately also in the round from the yoke after the body is worked. This design is part of Rachel's Organics Collection, where her inspiration comes from the natural world as well as other artists that are inspired by nature. This complex design along with its small details are inspired by the French tattoo artist Blum. Blum's detailed filigree tattoo work has a delicate ethereal quality that Rachel Illsley has managed to channel into her colourwork design. I really like the idea of a tattooed jumper. If gives you a chance to be bold without the permanence of a real tattoo.

In terms of skill level I would recommend this design to someone with confidence in stranded colourwork. There is a lot of colourwork but you are only using two colours. Maintaining a good tension is crucial to keep the fabric even. If you are unsure about it I would recommend doing a generous swatch in the round over a good chunk of the design. That way you can get into the rhythm of the design and get some confidence in handling two strands of yarn.

We have put together some kit suggestions with some yarns that we think would would beautifully for this design. Take a look below:

Norne Yarn Kits - The range of rich tones of Norne Yarn makes for some really powerful colour combinations. This Bluefaced Leicester, Silk and Cashmere blend is just stunning to knit with. Crisp and sturdy but deliciously soft, with a luminescence from the silk that just glows. Blum would look beautiful knit up in this yarn and you would end up with an enviable garment.

G-uld No 4 Kits - G-uld's No 4 has such an inviting range of colours all created from various natural dye materials that are expertly overlaid and combined to create a mix of colours. They all work so well together. Hold two strands of this Falkand and Gotland blend together to get gauge. This yarn has a delicate wooly softness and is ideal for colourwork designs.