We have created an exciting new way of shopping for kits at Knit With Attitude for the upcoming iKnit7 KAL. Susanne Sommer's design uses two colours. A main colour for the body and sleeves and a contrast colour for the neckband and cuff ribbing. With so many colour choices and so many possibilities our new kit selections allow you to combine any colours you wish. Go daring with bright pops of colour or indulge in your favourite tonal combinations. The possibilities are almost endless, allowing you to tailor a kit that is unique to you. We have put together six different Side by Side kits choosing from some of our most favourite yarns. Whatever your preference we will have something for you. From the soft and luxurious to the rustic and warm, the crisp and defined to meltingly fuzzy.

Below I take a closer look at the yarns used in each kit and look at their characteristics as well as suggesting some possible colour combinations.

Fyberspates Vivacious DK

This yarn has us coming back to it again and again, we just can't get enough. Gorgeously hand dyed tonal colours that are rich and jewel like and a pleasure to knit. This firmly plied yarn gives fabulous definition and makes the ridges of the traveling stitches really pop. I love how hand dyed yarn looks over slipped stitches like this as you get an interesting colour play between foreground and background. A 100% Superwash Merino that is so soft and a pleasure to knit with as well as wearing against the skin.

These colour suggestions feature: Lundy Island and Sea Glass, Heavenly and Spiced Plum, Oatmeal and Coral.

Hillesvåg Tinde

The deep rich palette of Tinde is created by over-dyeing the Norwegian Pelssau which has a naturally grey fleece. This also makes for so many possible colour options. Tinde is a woolly yarn with plenty of grip making it easy to knit the traveling stitches without using a cable needle. It has a softer definition than the Vivacious owing to the gentle halo it gets with blocking. This halo of fibres creates a warm cohesive fabric that wears really well. The perfect yarn for those fans of real wool.

These colour suggestions feature: Lys Brun 2102 and Gul 2119, Støvet Rosa 2137 and Støvet Ismint 2140, Støvet Lys Lime 2142 and Grønn 2126.

Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply and Cumulus

This has to be the combination dreams are made of. Light and fluffy brushed alpaca, snuggling together with merino and silk, whats not to like! It's soft and inviting and because it uses two different yarns held together there are so many colour possibilities. Choose complimentary colours or go wild with two contrasting ones. Keep the Cumulus the same throughout and change the main and contrast colour or vice versa. The fuzzy nature of the Cumulus gives the design a softer look, slightly less defined but still distinct. The pleasing glint of the silk core of the Cumulus and the fibre content of Scrumptious occasionally catches the light on the raised traveling stitches. It's both intriguing and comforting and just as fun to knit. I love the way it feels in your hands.

The swatch at the top on the left shows two complimentary colours and the one on the right shows contrasting ones.

These colour suggestions feature: Glisten and Early Grey with Raspberry and Ruby Red. Pearl with Herbert and Pearl with Slate. Denim with Rust and Persimmon with Rust.

John Arbon Knit By Numbers DK

Knit by Numbers feels like a familiar friend. This non-superwash 100% Merino is one of the softest I have knit with. It holds definition without being overly crisp, owing to the gentle non-super qualities of the 100% organically farmed Falkland Merino. Garments knit in this yarn have a density without being stiff. It feels warm but is also soft enough to wear against the skin.

These colour suggestions feature: KBN120 and KBN41, KBN08 and KBN70, KBN52 and KBN03.

Norne Yarn Merino / Silk / Yak DK

This yarn is just stunning. With such a shine from the silk that gives it an almost metallic look. It's crisp, its defined and those travelling stitches stand proud. Reflecting the light in such a luminous way. The blend of Yak gives this yarn depth and along with Merino its oh so smooth. That is just the yarn! What can't be overlooked is Tuva's amazing palette of rich and inviting colours. They are deep and powerful and a joy to knit. This yarn is for those that like a luxurious feel while and like a fabric that drapes well with sharp stitches.

These colour suggestions feature: Yggdrasil and Ægir's Feast, Darradarljod and Volva, Ice One Night Old and Valkyrie.

Cumbria Worsted

This plump blend of Masham and Merino Wools with Mohair is springy, soft and comes in a range of rich heathered shades. It gives definition to the travelling stitches that has a worn softness. Garments made from with this yarn feel timeless and are ones you want to wear and wear. Comfort in a skein. This yarn performs well for beginners and is a great all rounder.

These colour suggestions feature: Hollyberry and Buttermere, Catbells and Blencathra, Cowberry and Helvellyn.

We can't wait to see your unique Side by Side sweaters! What would you choose?