Is that the distance sound of sleigh bells I hear, is Christmas just around the corner? This time of year means jumper wearing, mulled wine drinking, Christmas pie eating and so much more. Knitters needles may be busy knitting up a whole host of Christmas gifts for family and friends. But what do you get those knitters themselves? This series of blog posts will help you out, focusing on something different than yarn (which might only be adding to the groaning stash they already have). This second post 'Get Organised' looks at our selection of much loved Project Bags, Notion Pouches, organisers and trays. Gorgeously designed, beautifully tactile, and in exquisite quality, not only to help get all those tangles sorted, these will bring joy to any fibre addict for years to come.

Project Backpack

A firm favourite, tried and tested by us here at KWA for years. Maya's chosen everyday handbag and George's regular travel companion, The Plystre Backpack and Project Bags offers practicality like no others. Made in sturdy double layered cotton canvas, with clever detailing and plentiful of pockets, you will have room for absolutely everything when bringing your projects on the go. The backpack comes with a padded pocket for your laptop and even its own project pouch, the project bags can be rolled down and will stand on the floor bucket style. Whether you are planning a day out and about, or you are going away for a long weekend, Plystre will turn out to be your best friend. We currently have the Plystre Project Backpack, the Project Bag 2.0 and the Crossbody Project Bag in stock.

Plystre Project Bag 2.0

Iconic Roll Top #03

Nu of Hide & Hammer trained as a saddle maker and has a unique approach to her craft, deeply in love with wood and leather, appreciating the fine details in functional items that we tend to walk past every day, her sense of beauty and craftsmanship is applied to everything she creates. The Hide & Hammer project bags have taken the fibre world by storm, to no surprise, these bags have become much cherished collectables. In a beautiful water resistant canvas and top grade leather they represent the perfect combination of form and function. We currently got a few #03 Iconic Roll Tops left in Leopard Print, some #08 Small Roll Tops and not to forget the über-cute #02 Ditty Bags in stock.

Ditty Bag

Our latest addition coming to bags, is so gorgeous Maya simply couldn't keep her eyes nor her hands off. Is it inappropriate to cuddle a bag? If so, be prepared to show some self-control as the leather used in the Thread & Maple Pochette is so soft you wish you could just hug it all day long. Pockets for notions and accessories, a very handy magnetic closure, in an incredibly stylish design - it is time to bring your project to the party!

Leather Pochette

Leather Pochette Inside

Yes, there is no denying, we have a bit of a project bag addiction going on here at the KWA HQ. Is it even possible to own too many? I dare to say, no, one for each project and then a few for potential projects to come - I mean nothing is as satisfying than clearing out and tidying up in a project bag which project has been completed. And speaking of the inside of said bags, how to avoid a complete mayhem of threads, needles, notions and patterns? Read on for the most awesome of solutions.

Notions Clutch

Meet the Queen of project organisers - the Thread & Maple Notions Clutch, there are none above! The Notions Clutch is a compact stylish organiser for your most used knitting tools, with specialised compartments and magnet details to securely hold: needles, scissors, darning needles, stitch markers, tape measure, your pattern, you name it there will be a designated pace for it here. Handmade from Thread & Maple's signature genuine quality leather, it feels remarkably soft and pleasant to the touch. There is just something so satisfying with seeing all your bits and bobs neatly organised.

Accessories Roll

Cocoknits are well known for their clever design and practical solutions for fibre lovers world wide, and their Accessory Roll is no exception. It will keep bits and pieces secure and neatly organised, and will take no room in your bag. Made from sturdy washable paper, the Roll features a smart outer cover that wraps around four removable triangular envelope-style pouches held securely in place by snaps. These compartments can be removed and swapped around, used together or on their own, now how's that for practicality! Neat elasticated bands hold the Roll closed, and you can swap between different colours included to make it match your ... bag! Washing softens the material creating a worn look similar to leather.

Another gem, it might be small but oh so mighty! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship that results in the all the Thread & Maple's. The leather, the stitching, the magnet details, and oh so pretty - the products literarily ooze of quality! The On The Go wallet is not just a thing of beauty in itself, it comes fully loaded with the most essential of tools as well. A miniature set with a pair of darning needles, mini scissors and 15 steel ring stitch markers.

Off you gone or home you went, but finally sat down, your well organised bag neatly rolled down at your feet, needles at hand and ready to claim you space! But how to keep those small notions from rolling around, steadying your pad watching your guilty pleasures, where to put your mug - while knitting at the same time?

Tablet Tray

You know how we can't praise the quality of Thread & Maple enough - and how we can go on and on about their clever designs - well this is where the 'Maple' part fo their name comes out in all its glory! Watch your favourite crafty podcast or tutorial, and keep your digital patterns in sight, while keeping your cuppa brew and notions at hand with the beautiful Maple Tablet Tray. Handcrafted in Canada from natural maple wood, this piece is both stylish and practical, with several compartments to keep your crafting tools within easy reach.

Phone Stand

The smaller Phone/Small Pad Stand features a magnetic tray to keep stitch markers, scissors and darners on hand. The smooth concave of the tray allows for easy retrieval of tiny notions, while the magnetic bottom keeps them from scattering on your tabletop. Also, and again, can we just mention, for YouTube tutorial videos and techniques research - how practical is this!

Magnetic Cuffs

I can't find my stitch markers! Said no owner of the Leather Cuff never, ever! How much fun are these! Beautifully hand made in the exeptional quality we have come to expect from everything Hide & Hammer. The leather is soft and warm and the addition of powerful magnets means that you can use this for all sorts of applications, holding pins or stitch markers, scissors, and of course all Cocoknits Accessories… They’ve even been tested with t-spoons and metal chopsticks too! No more dropping those notions between the sofa cussions!