It is official, I completely missed summer this year. Through out June and July we had the greyest coldest rainiest, and darkest days here in London, and what do you know, I kept getting updates from my friends in Norway about the summer of their life, 30 degrees and blistering sunshine - in NORWAY! Then off I go back home just to realise that full on autumn has arrived, it is so cold my English wardrobe wouldn't cut it (got some beautiful new corduroy trousers out of that, so not complaining), but back in London the heat struck and the sun was shining, and of course this was all gone by the time I put my feet onto English soil again.

But you know what? It is rainy, it is cold and windy, and I don't care. Ahead is the promise of long evenings and time on the sofa with cozy knitting! Tonight I might even treat myself to something red in my glass. Do you want to cosy up with me? I'm so there with a proper woolly project on my needles, and I can't wait to see what you are working on!

Virtual Knit Night

The details are the same as always, we are on from 7pm to 8.30pm UK time, you'll find the link to join at the bottom of this post, and you can drop in at any point. If you are joining us for the first time, read more about Zoom and how it works in the first post we did about the virtual knit nights right here.

Our next virtual knit night will be October 14th.

This is the link: KWA Virtual Knit Night Thursday September 30th

Until tonight my friends ...