So you take our favourite designer and pair it with our favourite yarn and what do you get? Pure magic if you ask me! The Newspaper jumper is not only stunning, it speaks to me on so many levels... Joji says about the design:

I don’t like reading the news. I think I should do it more often, but some days, it’s too hard. On the other hand, I love a newspaper. There’s something about them that is so aesthetically pleasing to me. Perhaps it’s the black and white contrast, the fine fonts or their carefully designed pages. 

I used to be a proper newspaper geek, especially when my kids where babies. After hours of wheeling them around in their buggies to sleep through the Norwegian winter snow covered streets, the ultimate reward was that when they finally did sleep I could park the buggy at a cafe, and treat myself to my favourite coffee and newspaper reading. This feels like a different life, one long gone, with my kids grown up and as I like many others have resorted to avoiding the newspapers this last year - it's just been too hard - shielding myself from the news. Joji's design reminds me of my lost love for newspapers, maybe it is time to revoke it.

In this design Joji is exploring her love for stripes, with alternating blocks of vertical and horizontal stripes that flow like the news on the paper. Newspaper is worked in Brioche stitch with a top-down construction, crew neck, raglan shaped sleeves and a wonderfully flattering fit. The pattern was released yesterday, and unfortunately we sold out of the original Norne colour, Feigdfugl, used in the design within minutes - but what a wonderful opportunity to come up with a version all of your own! Playing with the contrast between two colours - of course we couldn't keep our hands off this one and we've made up some beautiful kits for you to choose from:

Norwegian Wood - this is the upmost exclusive kit we've ever put together here at Knit with attitude, pairing two shades that have been specially made for us and which can't be found elsewhere. Hoddmimes Forest from Norne Yarn and A Hell so Scorched it is Green from Countess Ablaze - calls for a green dream version of this jumper!

Cheshire Cat - Combining two gorgeous warming colours Ægir's Feast from Norne Yarn and Change is Possible from Countess Ablaze. Autumnal and comforting.

Scheherazades Stories - A rich pinky plum sits against a cooler lilac in this complimentary pairing. I'll be your bitch Gyda and Bergtatt from Norne Yarn. Keeping with the same colour family but still with a good contrast.

Rabbit Hole - Earthy deep browns and icy blues make for a high impact but sophisticated combination. The Vikings are Coming and Fimbul Winter from Norne Yarn.

Centre of the World - Muted colours paired with more vibrant ones create interesting vibrations of colour when knit in brioche stripes. Lord of the Isles and Irish Gold from Norne Yarn.

Chocolate Factory - These enticing colours conjure indulgent fantasies. Benedik and Årolilja and Gullinbuste from Norne Yarn.

Newspaper kits

Which one is your favourite?