Notions, accessories, bits and bobs. Whatever you call them they always seem to find a way of getting lost, well they certainly do in my house! Cable needles down the back of the sofa, stitch markers up the hoover and why can I never lay my hands on a pair of scissors when I need them. For all those misplaced woes we have the thing for you: Thread & Maple Accessories for all your storage and organisational needs. Let's take a closer look at the Notions Clutch.

The Notions Clutch. This beautifully soft handcrafted leather clutch comes in three colours: Whiskey and Cream, Wine and Cream and Black and Green, pictured here is the Wine and Cream. The gorgeously soft leather is hand chosen to age with perfection, creating a piece that will last and gain character with use. Soft and subtle to the touch it is tactile as well as beautiful.

On the outside you have a generously sized fold over flap which is held in place with poppers allowing the case to close while still being full. Flip the case over and you have a large full width zipper pocket, I would use this for storing flat things, like a small ruler, needle gauge and even stitch holders.

Open it up and on the inside you have two large full width flat pockets at the back, ideal for folded patterns, and yarn labels. Bigger contrast colour pockets make up the left with two narrow and two wide slots. The narrow ones would fit a crochet hook or a set of double pointed needles, a cable needle or stitch holder. The top pocket has a flap with a popper and this is great for keeping all those unruly cables in line. Circular needles with their points tucked neatly into the pocket below fit perfectly as well.

On the right we have a selection of fun shaped pockets and sections made for more specialist items. Top left is the scissor pocket, held in place by a flap with a popper. This pocket can hold a pair of scissors up to 10cm / 4". Seen here are the Flower Power Scissors. Next to that is the tape measure pocket which fits the Thread and Maple Tape Measure or a tape measure up to a diameter of 5cm / 2". Below this is a cute little zip up pocket, I would use this for stitch markers. On top of this is a neat piece of leather with two holes, each designed to take a darning needle. The last but not least feature is the hidden magnetic patch under the logo at the top right. This is great to store metal stitch markers while in use, never again will they roll away. All Cocoknits Coloured Stitch Markers work with the magnet and are held in place in the photo above.

As your Notions Clutch ages and shows signs of use you can use the handy square of wool felt to buff out any scratches. The wool felt fits in the pockets on the left hand side and is the matching leather backed square you can see in the photo.

The Notions Clutch measures:

Length - 25cm / 9 3/4"
Width - 16cm / 6 1/4" closed, 32cm / 12 1/2" open
Depth - 3cm / 1 1/4"