The gorgeous Hide & Hammer bags have now been added to our tempting project bag collection. Hide & Hammer was started by Nu Shearman. Nu grew up loving leather and wood through her grandfather who taught her to appreciate the fine details in functional items. Nu applies this attention to detail through everything she makes, leading to beautifully crafted leather and canvas project bags. Nu's history in leather craft began over ten years ago learning the basics, she then took an apprenticeship with a local saddler. At the saddlers she made hand stitched bespoke bridles, some of which were worn by the British dressage Olympic gold champions. Not only does Nu craft leather, but also knits, crochets, spins, listens to 1940's music and walks in the Cotswold countryside with her family.

We have four different styles of bags, along with the gorgeous magnetic leather cuffs. So lets take a closer look at the them in more detail:

First up the #03 Iconic Roll Top Bag. This is the classic look Hide & Hammer bag and it packs in bags of features. Its a great all rounder for all sorts of projects on the go and here is why:

The design combines function with a classic understated look. A charming combination of canvas and no fuss leather details. With a rolled canvas body which can be rolled tightly or extended out depending on the project inside. An adjustable leather strap that has five sizes and fastened with a brass stud. This allows for a secure fit depending on how much you have inside. Another leather strap on the side is the perfect carrying size or for resting on your arm for hands free carrying. Whats more is these leather straps are fastened with press studs so can be removed, making the bag machine washable.

The canvas itself is made from canvas sourced from a British textile manufacturer established in 1880. We currently have the #03 in three colours, the classic mustard, a midnight blue and a black. Inside you will find three smaller pen sized pockets, suitable for crochet hooks, double pointed needles or pens and pencils. A medium sized pocket suitable fo a phone, small notions pouch or scissors and on the other side a large full width pocket suitable for larger notions, folded patterns or a purse. Whats more this bag is not just for knitting and crochet, you could use it as a picnic bag, with your lunchbox and cutlery in the pockets.

This is a great bag for large or small projects as you can adjust it to your needs. I'm currently using it to hold my Sosu MKAL Brioche + Mystery Shawl. Anyone knitting or who has knitted this shawl knows its a big one! But it would also happily fit a jumper project in. The approximate dimensions are: Depth – 5.5” (14cm), Width – 9.5” (24cm), Height (open) – 17” (43cm), Height (Closed) – from 8” (20cm) to 11” (28cm) approximately. Strap Length 14” (

For a smaller bag but still with a lot of room try the #08 Small Roll Top Bag. This bag is the smaller version of the #03 with a lot of the same features. It is made in exactly the same way with the same size straps. The only difference being the size (it is a little shorter and narrower) and the pockets on the inside.

The #08 Small Roll Top Bag has four of the pen/needle pockets on one side and a full width pocket on the other. The approximate dimensions are: Depth – 5.5” (14cm), Width – 6.5” (16.5cm), Height (open) – 14”(, Height (Closed) – from 8” (20cm) to 11” (28cm) approximately. Handle Length 14”(

Next up are the leather bags and first we have #02 Ditty Bag. This is the cutest little leather and canvas project bag and ideal for the smaller projects on the go, like socks or little accessories. Combining coloured water resistant canvas and top grade leather. The quality of these bags really has to be felt to believed, they are made to last and will age beautifully. The flexible canvas top is fastened with a leather cord and wooden toggle. A short 14″ (35.5cm) handle is long enough without being in the way. Ideal for slipping over your wrist while knitting on the go.

I can imagine this bag sat neatly on the table or the floor with a cake of yarn in as you knit away at your next knit night. Here you can see five 25g balls of Helene Magnusson Gilitrutt nestled inside. We have them in a section of colours and they measure approximately: Base 4 1/2″ (12cm) across when full and Height – 6 1/2″ (15cm).

The last bag and definitely not the least is the #07 Leather and Canvas Crossbody Bag. This little bag is bigger than the ditty bag measuring: Base – approximately 6″(15cm) across when full, Height – 9 1/2″(24cm). What's unique about this one is its long leather shoulder strap which has an adjustable buckle. This long strap means the bag can sit comfortable on your waist, leaving your hands completely free for knitting (or just about anything else). After all these bags make a great substitute for an everyday bag, being able to hold your phone, purse or keys. Like the Ditty Bag this bag is fastened with a leather cord which is kept in place with a handsome leather pull toggle and the cords are trimmed with leather with matching stitching.

All together these are beautifully made bags an great for smaller on the go projects, small one skein shawls or socks perhaps. Owing to the long strap and its size they are not too heavy so great to take out on a regular basis when you need a bag without much bulk.

We also have the Magnetic Leather Cuffs. These are the most stylish knitting accessories around. A comfy leather band that is wonderfully soft to the touch is held in place with strong magnets. Worn on your wrist it can hold your stitch markers, darning needle, pins or cable needle and yes they work with Cocoknits Stitch Markers!