Done, dusted and fully vaccinated! And full of hope!

I had my second shot yesterday, and I am so excited to have it done with. Many of you know that I had quite a hard time with the side effects of the first dose, which basically had me floored for days. Since then I've heard all sorts of opinions on how the second one would go ... The main theory being that if you had a hard first one, the second one would be easy, and if the first one was easy the second one could be bad, which is the one I decided to keep my faith in. So when showing up for my appointment yesterday, I more or less took it for granted, that this time around I wouldn't feel a thing. My vaccinator put me in place though, and told me that most people will have the same reactions to both.

I went back to the shop after, but a few hours later I had to give in. I could feel the fever and shivers coming on, and knew I had to get to bed as quickly as I could. And here I am, in bed, nurturing myself and trying to be as comfortable as I can. Having said that, I'm not even close to being as ill as I was the last time, so I guess the theory sticked with me.

Knit Night Next Week

I am so sorry, but I will not be able to host our weekly knit night tonight, and I hope you'll bear with me as I am recovering. We will definitely be back next week, on Thursday 27th, as usual, and I actually plan to have a finished something to show off by then.

Until next week my dear friends ...