I am really excited to be part of Laine Issue 11. My design Sea Mist appears in the issue next to some other gorgeous designs by some talented designers.

George Cullen Sea Mist Shawl

My inspiration for the shawl was from trips to the Cornish coast where me and my boyfriend have spent many holidays. We like to walk the coast path and enjoy being out in the open air in stunning scenery. We have witnessed some spectacular weather and the most notable was a blanket of sea mist that rose up the cliffs and cloaked the fields. I wanted to conjure up that image with this design. The main part of the shawl is textural with single coloured brioche and lace. As the mist seeps in the two colour brioche is replaced with two coloured brioche and mohair. This is finished off with a single colour brioche in a single strand of mohair. The lightness of the fabric echos the light mist that hung about us as we walked.

The fun of working at Knit With Attitude is I get to imagine all sorts of colour possibilities for projects. But what is more fun is thinking up ideas for your own design and I have put together some suggestions below. I've picked Devonia 4ply as it's soft but has a woolly honesty to it that I think will suit the project. I've paired that with either the fluffy cumulus or kidsilk lace.

Waters Edge - Devonia 4ply in Sandbar and Cumulus in Sea Green.

Dark Wings - Devonia 4ply in Nightshade and Hedgehog Fibres Kidsilk Lace in Raven.

Dew - Devonia 4ply in Ivy Leaf and Cumulus in Raindrop.

Electricity - Devonia 4ply in Devonia Cream and Hedgehog Fibres Kidsilk Lace in Pinky Swear.