So the gorgeous Norne Yarn arrived at Knit With Attitude and with that delivery came the most amazing and most deeply sumptuous green. Its no secret that I love green, almost everything I own is green! But when the custom dyed Knit With Attitude colour Hoddmime's Forest landed it was love at first sight. This colour inspired by Norse mythology is dark and comforting, like moss covered trees in the darkest depths of the woods. It just had to be knitted and knitted it was!

Norne Yarn Merino / Silk / Yak Singles: Hoddmime's Forest

I chose the pattern Tuva's Arrows by Julie Knits in Paris. This one skein shawl is designed for Norne Yarn Merino / Silk / Yak Singles as a one skein project. Named after Tuva Hoen the genius behind Norne Yarn. The pattern came from Tuva's love of archery and the lace details and shapes are reminiscent of arrowheads.

Tuva's Arrows by Julie Knits in Paris

This 'shawlette' is a generous size for a one skein project, owing to Norne Yarn Merino / Silk / Yak Single's 120g/480 meters. A classic semi-circular shape which I really like for draping over my shoulders on chilly winter mornings when I'm sat here in the shop. This shawl is light enough for those cool spring/summer evenings as well. Perfect for this time of year when the weather is still cool. It may look very complicated and to those afraid of lace I would say fear not. It might take a little concentration but the lace repeats are not very big at all and the positioning of stitch markers gives confidence across the rows. As I got into the swing of the design I found it really easy to remember the pattern repeat as I went along. It even made good train knitting as I traveled to work. A super speedy project I managed to knit in a week. Saying that I did find it very addictive and on more than one occasion found myself knitting into the small hours. The rows get very long in the end, which is the nature of this this shape of shawl, the i-cord was epic! But totally worth it in the end.

Tuva's Arrows by Julie Knits in Paris

I loved working with this yarn. I have never used it before, but it was so soft and comforting. The combination of Merino, Silk and Yak just glided through my hands and on my needles. A real treat after a day of hand washing and hand sanitiser, you really do have to feel this yarn to believe it. There is something about singles that are just so soft and smooth, with wonderful drape. It's a great yarn for accessories like this and produces sophisticated knitwear. With the addition of silk this yarn catches the light and gives a classy definition the the lace details. All in all this yarn is a joy to work with and the result is splendid.

What George Knits – Tuva's Arrows by Julie Knits in Paris