2021 is the Knit With Attitude Year Long Knit A Long! Every month we celebrate a pattern from the Knit With Attitude Anniversary Collection. To read all about it see the introductory blog post.

Next up in the Year Long Knit Along is Sockitude by Julie Dubreux. A stunning pair of colourwork knee-highs. Knit in Coopknits Socks Yeah!

Coopknits, Socks Yeah! (4ply; 75% fine superwash Merino wool, 25% nylon; 212m / 231yds per 50g skein). 
1 x 50g skein in each of: 
Helium 1001 (C1) Krypton 1002 (C2) 
Argon 1003 (C3) Xenon 1004 (C4) Radon 1005 (C5) 

You need 5 skeins in total.

Remember you can post pictures at any stage of your project to participate in the prize draw, but just in case the Sockitudes have not found their way onto your needles already, here is some inspiration: Of course you can get creative with your own colour combos but to make life easier for you we have put these yarn kits together.

Original Neons! - Coopknits Socks Yeah! in 1004 Xenon, 1005 Radon, 1002 Krypton, 1001 Helium and 1003 Argon.

Desert Sky - Coopknits Socks Yeah in 111 Benitoite, 101 Obsidian, 118 Citrine, 109 Iolite and 119 Larimar.

Harvest - Coopknits Socks Yeah in 103 Axinite, 127 Actinolite, 117 Almandine, 115 Jadeite and 118 Citrine.

Shepherd's Delight - Kit Coopknits Socks Yeah in 117 Almandine, 128 Lepidolite, 121 Melanite, 1004 Xenon and 125 Lapis.