2021 is the Knit With Attitude Year Long Knit A Long! Every month we celebrate a pattern from the Knit With Attitude Anniversary Collection. To read all about it see the introductory blog post.

Next up in the Year Long Knit Along is Synonym by George Cullen. A striped scarf with panels of lace that alternated between two different fibres. Knit in both G-uld Alpaca and G-uld No.4.

Sizes: One size
Length from tip to tip: 216cm / 85in; Width: 39cm / 15.5in.
Yarn: G-uld, No 4 (lace/light fingering; 75% Falkland Merino wool, 25% Gotland wool); 650m / 710yds per 100g skein) and Alpaca (4ply; 100% alpaca; 160m / 175yds per 50g skein).
Required quantities: 1 x 100g No 4 and 3 x 50g in Alpaca.
Colours used in sample: No 4 KWA1016, Alpaca KWA17, KWA19 and KWA20.

You need one skien of G-uld No.4 and three of G-uld Alpaca. Of course you can get creative with your own colour combos but we have helped you out with some kit ideas below, you'll find these available in our online shop:


The original colours, a subtle peach pink mixes with greens and yellow. G-uld No. 4 in KWA1016 and G-uld Alpaca in KWA19, KWA20 and KWA17.


The undyed base of No.4 pairs with earthy clay and mustard tones. G-uld No. 4 in Undyed and G-uld Alpaca in KWA07, KWA18 and KWA12.


Blue and yellows are always a fun combination and the subtle differences in these indigo dyed skeins look great next to this warm sunny yellow. G-uld No. 4 in Heather Ly200901g and G-uld Alpaca in KWA21, KWA15 and KWA16.


The subtle sky blue with these pinks evokes images of the setting sun reflecting pink rays on the grey clouds. G-uld No. 4 in Indigo In20104g and G-uld Alpaca in KWA22, KWA06 and KWA05.


A sophisticated natural combination of pale pink and rich browns that have hints of pink, red and purple within them. G-uld No. 4 in Cochineal Co20025g and G-uld Alpaca in KWA09, KWA04 and KWA02.

So what are you waiting for? Hit a proper browse, or go grab one of our ready made kits - knitting bliss awaits!