What more yarn? Yes! Garthenor Preseli has come to join our selection from Garthenor.

Garthenor Preseli

Garthenor Preseli is a 4ply weight blend of blend of organic Polwarth, Romney and Hebridean wools. To create the subtle, complex pair of bases that make up Preseli, they're mill-blended as tops before spinning. By blending this way, the result is a smooth, even top that keeps the deep grey blend, perfect for heathery tones once dyed. The colour of this yarn is stunning. It is rich, saturated and bright, there is even some fun marled ones in the selection.

It is wooly but still really soft, making it great for colourwork projects like hats, jumpers and mittens. The softness comes from the 19 micron Polwarth that makes up 75% of Preseli. Polwarth wool has a long staple length making is strong, smooth and silky. It gives good definition to the yarn but more importantly it is soft enough to be worn next to the skin.

The certified organic fibres are sourced from all over the UK. The Polwarth comes from Dunbar Island in the Falklands. The Romney comes from from Wiltshire, England and the Hebridean from The Black Isle, Scotland and Gwent, Wales. The fibres are then scoured(washed), spun and dyed in West Yorkshire before finally heading to be plied and skeined at Garthenor Farm, West Wales.

Garthenor Preseli

We have 21 colours from lights to darks so ideal for finding the perfect colourwork contrast. I'm also think there would be some really nice three of four skien fade projects in the mix as well.

So this gorgeous yarn needs some gorgeous projects.

Nordwand by Birgit Grunwald
image - Birgit Grunwald

Nordwand (link to Ravelry) by Birgit Grunwald

I was reintroduced to these fun mittens by someone at last weeks Knit With Attitude Knit Night. They have such a fun and intriguing construction. Like mini yoked jumpers they start at a ribbed thumb and then increase to create an almost mind bending shape. They definitely look fun to make and would be lovely in some bright Garthenor Preseli colours.

Taroko Sweater by Nomad Stitches
image - Nomad Stitches

Taroko Sweater (link to designers website) by Nomad Stitches

This amazing crochet design has so many fun looking elements. A combination of graphic shapes and lace would look great in Garthenor Preseli. So many possible combinations.

Snowden hat by Josephine & the seeds
image - Josephine & the seeds

Snowden hat (link to Ravelry) by Josephine & the seeds

This modern, geometric colourwork hat was inspired by blending the traditional snowflake used in stranded colorwork Nordic knitwear, with the graphic and simple lines of modern scandinavian design. Knit from the bottom up and avoiding long floats, it would be a breeze to knit. Cosy Garthenor Preseli would be warm as well as soft.

Taimana Cowl by Francoise Danoy
image - Aroha Knits

Taimana Cowl (link to payhip) by Francoise Danoy

The strong geometric design of this seamless cowl is made for bold colour choices. The design is influenced by traditional Maori tāniko designs which creates a simple but engaging pattern. Garthenor Preseli would give good strong definition to the colourwork.