Just when you thought we couldn't get any more in we have another new yarn to introduce. Garthenor Number 3 has come to join Garthernor Number 1, bringing its earthy natural undyed organic colours to the shop.

Garthenor Number 3

Garthenor Number 3 is a Dk weight yarn created by plying together three strands of Garthernor Number 1, How cool is that! By plying with three strands the end result is more rounded and even and gives a yarn perfect for those well defined textural stitches.

The fibre is sources from British breed sheep, farmed in organic farms around the UK. Garthenor have a direct relationship to farmers, assuring the origins and quality. High welfare is key, happy sheep creates better yarn.

This certified organic yarn only has two things added to it from sheep to skein. That is a gentle detergent used to wash the fibre and a light spinning oil used to help protect the fibres in the spinning process. Though these are both washed out in a the final rinse, leaving you with the purest of yarns.

Garthenor Number 3

The natural range of colours are sourced from different breeds of sheep and are combined and plied to give the range of shades.

I seem to have textured jumpers and squishy shawls on the mind for this yarn. Maybe its the chilly weather.

Foldlines by Norah Gaughan
image - Brooklyn Tweed | Jared Flood

Foldlines (link to ravelry) by Norah Gaughan

The crisp textural pattern of this jumper would look very fine in Garthenor Number 3. I'm a big fan of all over texture like this. Its bold but not to in your face. Worked flat and then seamed, the sleeves are then picked up from the armholes and also worked flat.

Drift Blanket Shawl by Tif Neilan
image - Tif Neilan - tif handknits 

Drift Blanket Shawl (link to designers website) by Tif Neilan

This asymmetric triangular shawls design is created with slipped stitches. No stranding of yarns makes this a simple knit. Choose heavily contrasting or subtle similar colours. A dark marled with a light one perhaps.

Wuthering Heights by Les Tricoteurs Volants
image - Les Tricoteurs Volants

Wuthering Heights (link to ravelry) by Les Tricoteurs Volants

The bold diamond cable that runs down the centre of this jumper is repeated along the sleeves. Dramatic but not overly complicated will let the qualities of the yarn really shine.

Pressed Flowers by Amy Christoffers
image - Amy Christoffers

Pressed Flowers (link to ravelry) by Amy Christoffers

This triangular shawl really caught my eye. Its simple shape heightens the mosaic stitch pattern of flowers that cover the entire shawl. It's not covered in filigree lace but solid and warm, ideal for some high contrast Garthenor Number 3.