As we're sweeping 2020 out of the door (good riddance) we've had a chance to reflect on the year that has passed. A year that brought so much we didn't ask for and took away so much we didn't expect, still it was the year that our humble little corner of the knitting world celebrated 10 years in existence. And so much was achieved – new friendships, new inspiration, resilience was found and goals were achieved. 

We had plans for a year of celebrations, gatherings, happenings and parties which we had to let go off, not being able to physically be close to each other it was amazing to see how everyone involved came together through the completion of our most important project, our anniversary publication. Knit with attitude – a 10 year celebratory collection was published in November, and it is incredibly exciting to see how the book is now working its way home to so many of you. 

Since publication we've been trying to come up with a way to compensate for all the events we had planned, a way for us all to 'meet-up' and engage with each other, to find inspiration, encouragement, and most importantly camaraderie through what is going to be another challenging year for everyone. I hope you find that what we have come up with is just as exciting as we do, that it fills you with eager, enthusiasm and that you want to join us! Cause we have decided that 2021 is the year for Knit with attitude's A Year Long Knit-a-Long – and we're going to have a blast!

Knitting together for a whole year? I like the sound of that, tell me more!

Don't hold your breath, I'll tell you how this will work. There are 12 designs in our book, equals 12 months of the year. Each month we will be celebrating a particular design from the anniversary collection. Through that month the name of the game is that for every instagram post you make about that project, you will receive a ticket to our monthly prize drawing. 

Did you say prize?

Yes I sure did! The 1st-ish of every month we will announce the design of the month and the winner of last months shenanigans. The winner will receive one of our bespoke KWA Surprise Bags worth at least £50, bespoke because they are so bloody good you won't believe it! We will ship the prize to wherever you are. There is just one crucial thing you have to remember, to make sure your instagram posts end up in the drawing you must use the hashtag #KWAayearlongknitalong – this hashtag is what we will use to identify your participation. 

Do I have to finish my project during that month? I can't knit that fast!

No, any project related post counts as an entry. The aim of the game is to focus on the process, cheering and encouraging each other along, rather than the finished object itself. We are doing this to create bonds and community spirit between us, it is not a 'fastest knitter' competition. Also, feel free to work on any project from the book whenever it suits you, maybe you prefer to plan a head – if you knit a November design in March, you can still post your pictures come November to participate in the prize draw. If you are one of those speedy knitters and you've already finished some of the projects, that's alright too, just remember to post about them through their respective months. 

Kits! I want kits!!!

The yarns used for the 12 designs can all be purchased from Knit with attitude, and you can find all the requirements and details in this blog post right here. We truly do enjoy seeing what colour combinations you come up with to create your individual flair – but we also know how convenient it can be with a ready made package. So throughout the year we will launch different kits relating to our designs – but please, we do encourage you to be adventurous and experimental – we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Are the patterns available individually and/or digitally?

We are hosting the KAL in celebration of Knit with attitude and our book: Knit with attitude a 10-year celebratory collection. All 12 designs are available in the book, and in print, only.

The 1st-ish you said. But I don't want to wait until tomorrow!

You don't have to! As we are overly excited about this whole kick-off, I literarily can't wait to reveal the very first knit-a-long project for January 2021. We are making Resilience!

Resilience is a warm comforting hug – a cowl and mitts set – designed by the wonderful Karie Westermann. This beautiful colourwork project opens for a lot of personal interpretation, it is exciting enough for an experienced knitter, at the same time an ideal first go at colour work if you haven't tried that before. It is such a pretty design, I can't wait to see your photos!!

About the design Karie says: Attitude can mean so many things and it was exciting to figure out how to express it in knitting. While I toyed with the idea of a feisty and no-nonsense design, I kept coming back to the idea of personal resilience: the ability to weather storms and carry on. The idea is for a knitting project that shelters and protects its wearer against both literal and metaphorical storms. 

And that's it folks! Knit with attitude's A Year Long Knit-a-Long is officially on – here's to 2021!

Happy New Year!