Pompom 35 is bright, bold and beautiful! We were expecting nothing less from a theme of 'Colourful Collaborations'. This issue has been guest edited by Stephen West and Aimée Gille and they have chosen the designs based on their colourful combinations. So as the days start to shorten and the weather cools, have a look at these bright and cheery designs to see you through winter with a smile.

Featuring designs by Alice Caetano, Ainur Berkimbayeva, Bristol Ivy, George Cullen, Hiroko Payne, Les Garçons, Olga Buraya-kefelian, Sandra Gutierrez, Stephen West, Thien-kieu Lam and Zachary Wilder. As well as a conversation between Gaye Glasspie and dyer Adella Colvin of Lolabean Yarn Co and a recipe from Aimée.

As usual I take a look at the patterns inside Pompom 35 and go rummaging through the shelves of Knit With Attitude to find some good yarn pairings.

image -  Darren Smith

Chromophore by Thien-Kieu Lam

This large and glorious wrap is knit by fading colours from dark to light while also holding a strand of mohair throughout. Worked flat with a repeating diamond lace repeat that goes from filling the entire wrap to reducing at one end. Which creates an interesting contrast of texture at either end when its rapped around your neck. I would choose a combination of Black Elephant Merino Singles or Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles combined with a solid Fyberspates Cumulus for this.

image -  Darren Smith

City Lights by Nomad Stitches.

This beautiful crochet top is crocheted sideways and worked in four pieces. A fun inclusion of flashes of a contrast colour are worked in a slightly thinner weight with adds interest in texture as well as colour. The soft Cumbria Worsted would be perfect for the main colour and I would be tempted to look at selection of minis for the contrast, like Black Elephant Merino Singles Minis or Susan Crawford Vintage Fenella.

image -  Darren Smith

Convoy by Zachary Wilder

I love this design inspired by dazzle paint that was used to camouflage ships. Its knit in the round using the double knitting technique. High contrast is needed here so I think a combination of the natural white Hillesvåg Sol with the dark Hillesvåg Tinde would look great.

image -  Darren Smith

Foxthoughts Cardigan and Pullover by Hiroko Payne

Just wow! This incredibly rich colourwork cardigan and jumper is purely psychedelic. This is marled colourwork. Holding two strands at once to create a gradual colour change which gives this mesmeric blending. The results are spectacular. Worked from the top down, the cardigan is steeked and then button bands added. Knit in a lace weight Falkland Merino and Gotland blend, which looks to me to be exactly the same as G-uld No.4 So I would choose a fun combination of their naturally dyed but just as bright range of colours.

image -  Darren Smith

Iskant by Bristol Ivy

This fun cape will make a great winter layer. An interesting combination of light and heavy fibres create a piece that can go from being quite large to scrunched up small when you want to cosy in. Its worked flat and then seamed to create an armhole and a join in the middle. This is crying out for a fun combination of Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK and Hedgehog Fibres Kidsilk Lace.

image -  Darren Smith

Kinship by Olga Buraya-Kefelian & Stephen West

Slip stitches are the stitch of the season, featuring heavily in this years Westknits MKAL and they are used to great effect in designs by Olga Buraya-Kefelian and Stephen West. This time they have come together to design this stunning shawl. Slip stitches offer you a great opportunity for interesting colour play and look far more complicated than they are to knit. This shawl begins in the centre and increases out into a large semicircle. A crisp 4ply that will give good definition like a combination of Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock and Socks Yeah would work really well.

image -  Darren Smith

Leadlight by Ainur Berkimbayeva

This intriguing slip stitch, stranded colourwork hat does not involve you knitting any of the contrast colour. The contrast colour is woven and held in place by the slipped stitch as you knit. I would choose Cumbria Worsted for my main colour and then to achieve that two colour plied look of the contrast I would hold together two strands of a 4ply like Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles or Black Elephant Merino Singles Minis for a fun multicoloured look.

image -  Darren Smith

Midnight Garden by Les Garçons

This striking jumper features large flowers worked in a combination of stranded and intarsia colourwork. Worked from the bottom up and in pieces and featuring set in sleeves. Optional embroidered details add the final flourish to the flower design. I think a combination of moody tones by Fyberspates Vivacious DK would work quite nicely.

Proffer by Alice Caetano

Pockets, pockets, pockets! This marled cardigan is worked holding two strands together for a vibrant colour combo. Worked top down in reverse stocking stitch. With a large seeded stocking stitch collar and matching hem. Sleeve stitches are picked up from the body and shaped with short rows. Pockets are added last, and yes it has four! I would choose a combination of Norne Yarn Merino / Silk / Yak Singles for a deep moody version.

Through The Trees by George Cullen

Seamlessly knit in the round, this simple two layer, two colour cowl combines dark an light colours with lace and solid stocking stitch. A two colour rib and the see through lace hints at the colour inside while also adding extra warmth. Choose two contrasting colours for the best effect. Something hand dyed like Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock in a solid and something more speckled.