I swear I didn't plan for everything culminating at once, but now that most of the planning and organising is in place, and we're moving onto executing I have to admit I am ridiculously excited ... and just a tad nervous ... about both the Iknit7 Holiday Extravaganza AND our book launch coinciding on the very same day!

YES that's right - this Saturday November the 14th is a huge day for us - I really hope you'd like to follow along.

iKnit7? you say, Holiday extravagah hah? What's this?

If you're still out of the loop, let me give you the short version here: Iknit7 is the story of how seven resourceful shopkeepers overcame a pandemic to bring you a unique collaborative yarn experience with ingenuity, style and a touch of sass! We arranged the first Yarn Extravaganza at the brink of the pandemic outbursts - during the first lock down - the joy, fun and enthusiasm that we experienced was overwhelming, imagine that a whole world of yarny people creating something positive and festive in a time that seemed so frightening and uncertain. We had so much fun, we decided to do it again, only even bigger and even better this time, and as our plans came together we entered yet another lockdown here in the UK - what timing huh?!!!

And it truly is bigger and better this time around, you see, when you pour love into something it just grows. Our grand prize is put together by all 7 shops in the form of a Yarn Lover's Advent Calendar, that's 24 gifts that you can win all to yourself worth over £650, but there is so much more to give away! Due to our wonderful sponsors we are actually offering a total value of £1500 worth of prizes to be won. AND there is a party to attend at the end of it as well!

How to join? It is easy! You pop over to the iknit7 website and sign up for our exclusive newsletter - then you sit back and wait for all the info to be handed to you on a golden plate - or via emails that is.

Each of the seven shops have one designated day to make hoo-haa and shenanigans - there are special offers, exclusive treats, instagram lives, hilarious sketches, laugh-out-loud quizzes, and charity auctions - trying to put a smile on your face. This week so far, I've been glued to my screen trying to watch everything that has been going on with This is Knit, A Yarn Story and Tribe Yarns. If you missed any of it, check out their IGTVs, all content goes there for you to visit, re-visit and visit once more, as much as your hearts' desire. Today is Wild and Woolly's day, followed by Emily Foulds tomorrow, Knit with attitude Saturday, and finally Ginger Twist Studio on Sunday.

Again - to access all of this you have to sign up for the iKnit7 newsletter.

Naturally, I can not reveal our special Holiday Extravaganza offers coming up for our day. However, I can tell you about some of the featured specials we have planned for you. Together with some of our best friends, we have developed a handful of collaborative kits launching at various points this Saturday, some of them are exclusively available to iKnit7 participants! Just sayin'

Custom dyed to order Viv Sweater Kit by Hey Mama Wolf Yarn

From our book Knit with attitude a 10-year anniversary collection, the Viv Sweater by Renee Callahan in naturally dyed Sockyarn #03. The wonderful Jule of Hey Mama Wolf will dye up sweater quantity batches, specifically for you! The kits will go live in our online shop at 6.29pm Friday November 13th.

Custom dyed to order Mpho Sweater Kit by Kettle Yarn Co.

From our book Knit with attitude a 10-year anniversary collection, the Mpho by Noma Ndlovu in Islington DK is a dream of a cabled sweater. Lovely Linda of Kettle Yarn Co. will dye up sweater quantity batches making sure her vibrant colours run consistently throughout, specifically for you! These kits will go live in our online shop at 6.29pm Friday November 13th.

Exclusive to iKnit7 participants, Custom Dyed to Order Filigree Sweater Kit by Norne Yarn.

Only available for iKnit7 participants. Another amazing collaboration between Julie Knits in Paris and Norne Yarn. The Filigree Sweater with its deep V-neckline and lacy back, in the stunningly deep dyes that is Norne Yarn's BFL/Silk Singles, the luxuriousness is real! My dear friend Tuva will dye up sweater quantity batches specifically for you, but please note that the number available is very limited. These kits will not go live in our online shop until after my Live Chat with Tuva on Saturday November 14th, please check our instagram for the time table.

Exclusive to iKnit7 participants, the Attitude Cowl by Julie Knits in Paris

Only available for iKnit7 participants. The original Attitude idea! Julie's dancing figures expressing joy and resilience, first appeared on the Attitude Cowl and since then also featured with the Sockitude Knee Highs in our anniversary collection. A colourful and lush cowl with a multitude of uses, you might remember me using mine as a tank top when Julie and I did our Silly Sunday Song for the last Extravaganza. The Attitude Cowl is made in Islington DK, and if you buy this kit the printed pattern is included in your order for free! The kit will go live in our online shop at 6.29pm Friday November 13th.