We continue the preview posts for the Knit With Attitude Book. Which is now available for pre-order. You may have seen the teaser pics going out on social media over the past couple of days but with these blog posts I will take a little bit more of a look at the patterns inside.

This book celebrates 10 years of Knit With Attitude and features designs from 12 designers. All responding to the theme of Attitude. The designers are: Fiona Alice, May Linn Bang, Renée Callahan, Isa Catepillán, George A Cullen, Julie Dubreux, Francesca Hughes, Eli Leistad, Noma Ndlovu, Natalie Selles, Susanne Sommer and Karie Westermann.

This post I will look at the designs from George Cullen and Renée Callahan.

image - by Jonna Hietala. model - Alex B

Synonym Scarf by George Cullen

This simple scarf was designed by me! It's worked in garter stitch panels combined with blocks of two colour lace. Using two different fibres, a lace weight and a 4ply. It's a celebration of colour and texture, using three colours but would look just as good in two or lots. Starting at a point at one end and increasing on one side to create diagonal rows that run along its length, then decreasing at the other. Finished off with tassels.

Knit in G-uld Alpaca and No 4. These two yarns are both naturally dyed and combine together beautifully. They also remind me of the time Maya and I were in Denmark. With a stunning range of colours that all combine so well. Colours used are KWA1016 (dyed with madder) for the main colour and KWA19 (dyed with weld/indigo), KWA20 (dyed with weld/indigo) and KWA17 (dyed with weld) for the contrast colours.

image - by Jonna Hietala. model -  - Miranda Chambers

Viv Jumper by Renée Callahan

This seamless top down jumper has a set in sleeve construction. The deep v- neck is trimmed with an i-cord edge and a row of eyelets. This echos the fun edition of the 'slashed sleeves' which adds a punky edge to this design. It's cosy, comforting but also full of attitude. This jumper is full of fun twists and guaranteed to be an interesting knit as well as one to wear.

Knit in Hey Mama Wolf Sockyarn #04 which is a crisp blend of Merino, Corriedale and Ramie. Though designed for socks it is great knit in any garment providing sturdiness and definition. Jule of Hey Mama Wolf, dyes all her yarns with natural materials, conjuring from nature an intriguing palette of colours.

Follow this link to pre-order the Knit With Attitude Book and keep your eyes on the blog for more upcoming previews.