Have you seen the new shawl design from Joji Locatelli. It was popping up all over social media at the weekend and had me really intrigued. Its knit in a single strand of mohair lace with a few stripes of a 4ply. I'm really excited to see single stranded mohair projects. So often it's doubled up, but here it has time to shine.

image - Joji Locatelli

The Wispy Shawl is a simple semicircular shawl thats lighter than air and plays with light. Joji says of her design:

I love designing with negative space. The new popularity of mohair has allowed me to play with light and shadows in my knitting, creating see-through textures and delicate contrasts. 

Joji Locatelli

Starting in the centre this shawl increases to a bigger and bigger semicircle with a delicate yarn over edge running along the top border. The shawl is given a little bit of weight by bands of garter stitch stripes in a 4ply yarn. This is a great project for putting that one skein of mohair in your stash to good use and a great way of using up leftover 4ply. Taking one 50g skien of mohair and only 45m of the 4ply. A great beginner project and one to relax with. Knit away and enjoy the texture and colour.

Joji suggests using two similar colours but also contrasting ones would look just as good. I have put together some colour suggestions below. My focus with these suggestions was to have two different price points. At one end of the scale you have the hand dyed option but at the other there are some more commercially dyed yarn. Allowing you to work with a variety of budgets from £55 to £25.45 but still using great yarns. All of these options can be mixed and matched and there are endless possibilities.

Watery blues in this combination would create ripples like the waves.

An earthy more muted combination of sophisticated bieges and greys.

Deep rich royal purples for a night sky vibe.

This option could be quite contrasty to not. I had to throw in this neon socks yeah to pick up on the speckles in the Hedgehog Fibre.