It was about a year ago when me and Maya came back from the most amazing dyeing experience ever. So what better time to have a little Flashback Friday! Taking a look back at the fun we had and also have a relook at the lovely G-uld yarns we stock. You can read my original post here: A wonderful adventure - The G-uld Dyeing Workshop.

The workshop was spread over three days with the aim to dye a circle of colour only from nature. G-uld specialises with dyeing only with natural materials. This includes fresh foraged leaves, dried plant material, cochineal and indigo to name a few. With this workshop we were given an insight into how this process works from beginning to end.

We spent the days prepping yarn, foraging and mixing up big pots of dyestuff. It was amazing to learn how complex colours were built up by layering different dyes and using potash and iron to darken certain shades. It was also interesting to learn what colours come from various plants and heather surprised us all, creating a vibrant yellow. Come rain or shine nothing stopped us!

Over the days we dyed with all sorts of materials and ended up with 69 different colours in total from only nine different dye baths. Through layering, darkening and first dyes and second dyes.

Returning to G-uld HQ we wound and skeined all our colours and gathered them together in a circle. I thought the circle itself was so beautiful I framed it exactly how it was from the workshop. With the twists in the yarn going different ways, unique to the people who twisted them. I think Maya is yet to work out how she will use hers but I'm sure she has some ideas bubbling away. It was a wonderful experience with a great group of people, all intrigued and passionate about the process of dyeing.

Seeing as we are talking G-uld its a great time to take a look at their yarns. We introduced G-uld at Unravel in 2019 and started with their alpaca.

These soft as can be 50g 4ply skeins of G-uld Alpaca are of course all naturally dyed and each label tells you what has been used to create the colour. When we started stocking these it blew my mind at the range of saturated and bright colours G-uld can extract from natural materials. The selection is stunning. This yarn is perfect for a whole host of projects. Soft next to the skin and with great drape. I'm thinking a warm hat or soft inviting shawl.

image -  Susie Haumann

Since I last wrote the New Yarn: G-uld Naturally Dyed Alpaca blogpost I thought I would see if any new patterns have appeared. This textured Slyngrose Huen hat by Susie Haumann looks fun to knit and cosy to wear. It takes 100g of G-uld Alpaca.

G-Uld No. 4

The second yarn from G-uld we introduced towards the end of last year: G-uld No.4. I love this yarn, its 100g light 4ply/lace weight and comes in a range of amazing naturally dyed colours. The base is a Merino/Gotland blend that is a subtle shade of grey. The over-dyed colours are complex and rich. It's perfect worked singularly or doubled for a heavier strand. A great yarn for any projects, light as air shawls or double stranded in garments.

image - G-uld

This simple and elegant jumper is the Officesweater by Knitflitter. No. 4 is held double stranded giving you a sport weight thickness. Knit from the top down I like the shoulder details.