The last time I saw Countess Ablaze was back in February at the Unravel Festival. We were so lucky to be stand neighbours, and in between managing our stands we hung out in the back chatting, laughing, ranting, putting the world straight (as one do). “I always plan to be sensible when I see you, I said, to plan my purchase, have a project ready, but then my emotions run of with me and I come away with another green!” I swear it is true, everything I have ever bought from the Countess are single hanks, all different weights, structures and fibres, with one thing in common striking, breathtaking, alluring shades of greens. “I think what I will do as none are enough for a whole project, is to just throw them all in the mix, and knit myself a dress, combining them all together.” “I like that!” she said, with a huge smile! Two weeks later the pandemic hit, the Countess is one of the last people outside my household that I hugged.

As unique as the lady herself, so is her take on supplying a shop. We provide a theme, she creates the collection. I spent the first few weeks in isolation being angry, more angry than I can remember ever being. A raging anger directed at the forces that rule our world, those that will prioritise money and profit over the lives of people, those that will even try to capitalise and make themselves richer in a situation like this (or in any situation basically). When discussing my theme with the Countess it had become important for me to counter this rage, to focus on what is positive and possible, not to let this anger overwhelm me into apathy. “I want it to reflect that change really can happen” I said “I want it to say something about hope, but I have been filled with so much anger we do need one colour to release this an I want to name it after the most powerful Norwegian swear term I know”.  I've only heard this swear term being used a couple of times throughout my life, by my mum, when she felt the world was tearing up in it's very chore, it is my favourite! “I've done all the dyeing, starting with the anger colour” the Countess said, “it has all your favourite greens in it!”

Presenting the first of our Rebel Batches here at Knit with attitude: The Resist & Hope collection on the über-lush Rebel Fingering a gorgeous fibre blend of Merino, Yak and Silk that takes the vibrant shades of the Countess' handdyes to a new level of stunning results. With just enough twist to provide good stitch definition and a silky-smooth lustre, the Rebel Fingering is ready to be your new favourite for those 'can't live without' projects. The colours you see here are all made one time only, never to be repeated, and exclusively available through Knit with attitude. Starting from the top, going right: Change is Possible. Hope is Power, Resistance has become our duty, A Radically Hopeful Future, Love has the Power to Change Everything, To Do What is Right, Power to the People, Rebel for Life, A Hell that is so Scorched it is Green, I Vote to Make Change Happen and Dwell in Possibilitity.

Starting out in her kitchen back in 2011 Countess Ablaze disrupts the yarn industry by doing things differently - very differently - spending her time dyeing vibrant, saturated yarns whilst listening to metal music, wearing big boots, a 'Bring it On!' smirk, sometimes red lipstick, but always a whole lo o' attitude! The Countess has a love of process and techniques, as much as colour. Her mission is to ensure that all people, regardless of disability or ability, skin colour, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, or religion feel that they can be a part of what she offers in terms of community, products and/or employment with her. Her impact is profound! To have a closer look at each individual colour in the Resist & Hope Rebel Batch, pop over to our online shop here.