I have to say I go through phases of being completely organised to complete chaos when it comes to my craft supplies and materials. All this time spent at home has made me a little guilty about what a state they are currently in. I hope writing this blog post will jump start some tidying and maybe give you some inspiration for getting organised. When I dedicate myself to it I do really enjoy the process of going through my needles and notions and reminding myself where things are. I always find its the cable needles that go missing, where do they go? At Knit With Attitude we have lots of organising ideas from keeping track of projects or keeping those needles under control. Let's take a look.


Our favourite Danish leather accessories brand are the ultimate choice for stylish storage and organisational accessories. Clockwise from top left we have:

Saturn Project Bag. This leather bucket storage case has plenty of room for that current project and its yarn. With a large central storage space and surrounded by inner pockets ideal for darning needles and scissors. Not only are there inner pockets but there are series of outer pockets which are great for the needles and accessories you need to access a lot. With a convenient carry handle, which makes the bag great for a project you are currently working on. When you don't need it it zips up and is easy to store away.

Oslo Double Pointed Needles Roll. There is something about DPN's, they quickly become a confusing pile of sticks if not kept in order. The Oslo roll allows you to organise your DPN's and group them by size. Making sure you will always reach for the right set.

Malmo Measuring Tape Case. Isn't everything better in a case! Even your tape measure might need some sorting out. I really like this cute little measuring tape case and since Ive had one my tape measure doesn't end up in a tangled mess at the bottom of my bag. Whats more is it is on a keying so you will always know where it is.

Mars Project Bag. The Mars Project bag is the ultimate project bag. This large gorgeous tan leather bag can take sooo much yarn! This is a perfect storage solution for large projects or organising lots of yarn. With a long carrying handle its easily moved and stored.

Keep track of projects

My Knitting Notes. I have often thought about keeping a diary but never found the inspiration. A knitting diary though might be something that holds my interest. These days that may seem endlessly the same are often not when you have a craft. Taking a few mindful moments to write about your projects from day to day creates a routine and harnesses this time for good. It gives you a physical record of the progress you have made.

Sweater Worksheet Journal. Cocoknits make knitting jumpers easy using the Cocoknits method. A system for knitting seamless, tailored, top-down sweaters. This worksheet journal allows you to keep track of those projects for future reference.

Plystre Project Bags

These canvas project bags from Norwegian brand Plystre remain popular. That's because they are well designed, practical and come in a range of stylish colours.

This photo has so much happy vibes in it. The Knit With Attitude team rocking their Plystre bags.

Project Bag. The classic original project bag. I'm in love with mine and it has really come into its own recently. If any of you have been keeping up with the blog I've been working on a jumper (WIP Wednesday). It fits very happily into my Project Bag with room to spare. As me and my boyfriend are both working from home and we live in a one bedroom flat I commute from one of three places, the bedroom to the living room to the garden. Toting proudly as I go my project bag. I usually have it hanging from the back of a chair, ready to work from. I've been trying to organise my WIP's into their own space and my project bag is reserved for the project I am most enjoying working on.

Project Pouch. The project pouch is surprisingly roomy with pockets galore inside. I have to say I love pockets. Everything has got to have a place. I use my project pouch exclusively for notions which means I know they are all in the same place and I only have to grab for one bag.

My favourite Plystre Project Bag in the special edition Edinburgh colour. This photo was taken coming back from holiday earlier in February and yes it is completely full of yarn! I think I took seven 100g skeins of yarn with me! I knit a lot over those two weeks.

Project Backpack. Even though there is no travelling right now there is no reason you can't prepare. My backpack has become my designated holiday or event bag of choice. It can take so much yarn but has useful pockets for other bits and pieces. It's a great way of organising yourself. It has space for a laptop or tablet, inner pockets for scissors, needles and other accessories. Also an outer zip up pocket which is easy to access and of course a matching pouch.

Cocoknits Accessory Roll

Cocoknits Accessory Roll. Cocoknits have a talent for making simple but extremely useful accessories. Like this accessory roll with allows you to keep all you little notions like stitch markers and darning needles in one place. Made from sturdy washable paper, the Roll features a smart outer cover that wraps around four removable triangular envelope-style pouches held securely in place by snaps. Now there is no excuse for loosing that cable needle down the back of the sofa.

Kelly Connor

Femiknits Roll Down Top Project Bag. If you are looking for a classic roll down bag that also zips up then look no further than this Femiknits project bag. This generous sized sturdy bag is designed to sit on the floor with your yarn in. No longer will balls of yarn go running across the living room floor. Keep them together and organised in this, and when you have finished knitting for the day simply unroll and zip back up.

Cocoknits Four Corner Bag and Handles

Lastly a great organisational tool are these four corner bags from Cocoknits. Made from a rustic linen and sold without handles, they come with the option of adding your own handles or adding the no sew Cocokints leather handels. A simple design that we have in two different sizes. What I really like about this bag is that it can be compacted down to be quite small. Making it great to take anywhere, not just shopping for yarn but groceries as well.

Four Corner Bag Medium

Four Corner Bag Large

Leather Handle Kit