Making is one of those magazines that combines different crafts in a thoughtful and well curated manner. This issue is no exception, with its theme of Simple. With many crafts, projects, knits and new skills to learn, this issue of Making has a calming washed out pastel aesthetic. It's cool and gentle and a breath of fresh air.

As I mentioned above it is not only knitting between its covers. Making is one of those magazines that appeal to all crafters. Maybe there is something you have always wanted to try here and now you have the chance. As well as the knits there is sewing, dyeing, punch needle and screen printing to learn.

Bundle-dyed Fabric by Jessica Unsel

Sewing projects like: Coastal Glasses Case by Aneela Hoey, Everyday Utensil Roll by Kristine Vejar, Halfmoon Strand Dress by Meghann Halfmoon and Pepin Tote by Anna Graham. A natural dying project for Bundle-dyed Fabric by Jessica Unsell. Make your own Handpainted Beeswax Wraps by Sanae Ishida. A Punch Needle Rug by Arounna Khounnoraj. Screen Printed Picnic Blanket by Jen Hewett and a Calm Poem by Ocean Rose.

Now for the knits! I have taken look through the patterns and done my usual yarn pairings from Knit With Attitude. Enjoy these simple projects and find some inspiration.

Beachside Pullover - Katrin Schneider

Beachside Pullover by Katrin Schneider. This simple unisex jumper is light and classic. I am a big fan of the minimal neckline which makes it a great spring layer and also looks nice over a shirt. The ribbed and lace panel gives it a little detail without being too busy. I can see this being an easy to wear wardrobe staple. Knit in a DK linen blend I would chose The Fibre CO. Luma.

Eyelet Pullover - Orlane Sucche

Eyelet Pullover by Orlane Sucche. For me this design has taken the theme of gently simplicity and really expressed it. A comfortable and stylish shape with the most minimal of detail. An eyelet row that follows the line of the shoulders and around the neck are all thats needed to make this design work. Try this in Stolen Stitches - Nua.

Kaze Scarf - Eri Shimizu

Kaze Scarf by Eri Shimizu. This light and airy scarf is knit in a lace weight yarn but keeping it light by knitting on larger needles. Apposing triangles of texture which are finished off with an i-cord edge, make this elegant scarf as light as air. I would love to see a combination of Hey Mama Wolf Ahimsa No.10 and G-uld No.4.

Lighthouse Cardigan - Brandi Cheyenne Harper

Lighthouse Cardigan by Brandi Cheyenne Harper. Lovely structural shaping over the shoulder and sides of this cardigan. A simple garment is elevated by the direction of the stitches, creating an interesting two tone effect. Only one yarn is used but garter stitch and stocking stitch play together in a textural way. I think it would be interesting to see Nurturing Fibres Eco Lush or Nurturing Fibres Eco Fusion held double to get the worsted weight gauge.

Lomo Shawl - Bristol Ivy

Lomo Shawl by Bristol Ivy. This design is pleasingly simple, like a ripple of water radiating out from a dropped stone in a pond. An interesting construction worked from the bottom point, this shawl is about enjoying a play with colour. Ty this in the luxurious blend that is The Fibre Co. Cumbria.

Milkweed Pullover - Pam Allen

Milkweed Pullover by Pam Allen. This light and airy linen top has some graceful shaping. Large balloon sleeves and elegant eyelet raglan details give this top bags of style. An uncomplicated neckline is all you need with linen, making this a cooling spring/summer layer. For linen it has to be Växbo Lingarn.

Plover Cardigan - Jacqueline Ceislak

Plover Cardigan by Jacqueline Ceislak. I'm very fond of a simply shaped cardigan and this one has it all. I love the relaxed fit on the neck, with the front neckline continuing down from the top of the shoulder raglans. This highlights the direction of the ribbed stitch in an interesting way. I would choose a gentle shade of Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles of Black Elephant Merino Singles.

Simple Little Bird and Nest - Susan B. Anderson

Simple Little Bird and Nest by Susan B. Anderson. Aren't these the cutest! It's not often we see soft toys and these look super fun to create. I would choose small quantities of a sturdy yarn for these, like Coopknits Socks Yeah DK.

Simple Scarf - Vanessa Coscarelli Black

Simple Scarf by Vanessa Coscarelli Black. This scarf is stunning and I love how it makes full use of a fibres qualities. Pairing lightness with structure and texture. A combination of garter stitch in mohair and moss stitch in a wool. The play of light as it shines through these different panels is this designs strength. Try a combination of Hedgehog Fibres Kidsilk Lace and maybe pair it with the same colour in Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock for a real celebration of texture.

Simple Slippers - Cal Patch

Simple Slippers by Cal Patch. These crochet simple slippers will become a must have for chilly evenings at home. Crocheted in a chunky yarn, I would choose Stitch and Story The Chunky Wool for a warm hug on your feet.

South Turner Hat - Leila Raven

South Turner Hat - Leila Raven. A simple hat is a must in any wardrobe. This ribbed hat is worked flat so perfect for those intimidated by knitting in the round. I might be pushing the boat out here but I think From the Mountain Afghan Cahsmere is a little bit of luxury every head deserves.

Yucca Blossom Hat - Jennifer Berg

Yucca Blossom Hat by Jennifer Berg. This bold colourwork hat looks simple to knit for colourwork beginners. Using minimal geometric motifs keeps things uncomplicated. Enjoy knitting this in two colours and try the spectrum of John Arbon Knit by Numbers DK.