I've just scheduled our Virtual Knit Night for tonight from 7pm - 8.30pm UK time, and I can't wait to see you all again! As this is a new tool for most of us, I know some have had problems logging in and I've received a few questions that I would like to clarify below.

First of all, the question I've been asked the most is:

Are the Virtual Knit Nights only open for those that attend the regular Knit Nights in the shop?

No it isn't! Our Virtual Knit Nights are open for everyone that would like to join. One of the wonderful things we have experienced the last few weeks is that the Virtual Knit Nights allow us to (re) connect with friends all over the world, and most importantly also our friends that have been and are unable for one reason or another to join our regular events in the shop. This has been such a positive and joyful experience that we have decided that even when the lock down is over and we're back to our normal routines with knit nights in the shop we will also continue to do Virtual Knit Nights on a regular basis.

Coming to the actual joining in, you have to download Zoom to your phone, tablet or computer to be able to join. It is free to use and relatively simple to set up. To join at 7pm, make sure you are logged in to Zoom, then click on the link below and the meeting should open automatically. You will first be placed in a "waiting room" for me to allow you into the meeting. I do try to keep an eye on the waiting room at all times, but if you have to wait a few minutes it is just because I haven't seen you immediately, please just hang on for a little bit and I will let you in.

If you struggle to join the way described above, and it seems like this is more of an issue for mobile phone users, an alternative way is to first open your Zoom app, then click the "join" button. You will then be asked to type in the Meeting ID, which is 897 5697 4940, then clicking join will put you in the waiting room.

I hope this was of help and that everyone who wants to join should now be able to.

Until tonight, be safe and be kind!

KWA Virtual Knit Night April 30th