We did our first attempt of a virtual knit night via Zoom last Thursday, and all though some of us were struggling with online connections and understanding how this new tool works, it was such a great experience and everyone expressed a want for our knit nights to happen on a regular basis.

We all need it!

I strongly believe that it is tremendously important for us all to create spaces for social interaction now that we find ourselves physically isolated, but when we did our knit night last week joined by some very good friends that we know well but that rarely get to go to our regular knit nights, it struck me that maybe a virtual knit night has a function that goes beyond this time of pandemic that we are going through right now.

It was a delight to discover we had friends from the Netherlands, Israel, Sweden and the US, several 'normally at home with the kids and can't go out in the evening' friends, and also some disabled friends - who all finally were able to join us. A Virtual Knit Night doesn't take much for me to prepare (as compared to the ones we have in the shop), and it doesn't mean a late night at work, so I am all for making this a regular thing - say weekly for now.

You need to install Zoom to be able to join our virtual meeting (more on that if you scroll down to the first post we did about virtual knit night a week ago), and then all you have to do is to click the link below at 7pm UK time tonight, with your preferred project and your glass full. Also, a little bird mentioned to me that we usually do 10% discounts in the shop on knit nights, and this is very true, so we're also moving this to our virtual space! I'll display a code for you all to use during our event, and if you get so caught up you forget to shop, I'll leave it valid for about an hour after we finish.

KWA Virtual Knit Night March 26th