During these strange times we may be spending a lot more time at home than we would usually do. But crafters should not fear, this is our time to reacquaint ourselves with projects we may have discarded, or special skeins of yarn that maybe lingering unloved. We should use this time to reconnect with our stash. I'm sure there is not a knitter out there who doesn't have a scrappy ball or two, or an odd random skien. We hold onto these scraps for a reason, there might one day be the perfect project for them.

So with this blog post I have looked through ravelry to bring you some of my favourite stash busting or random skein projects. Of course if you need to add to your stash or find a colour to unite some other random ones then there will be something from the shelves of Knit With Attitude to help.

image - Tif Neilan - tif handknits -

Scrappy Smarled by Tif Neilan. I love this hat. Its bold chunky stitch lends well to the random combination of yarns, creating a striking and playful design. Created by holding DK and 4ply yarns together, it's the perfect design for using up the smallest of scraps. Great for not wasting a single millimetre of your favourite yarns.

image - Shanel Wu

Play It By Queer by Shanel Wu. This project is made for those single special skeins. It's a celebration of colour. Choose two contrasting skeins and let the rhythmic garter stitch take over. A simple design to make hand dyed yarn really shine.

image - Frankie Brown

Seven Sisters by Frankie Brown. When you have time on your hands a blanket is always a fun challenge and I love this ones triangle construction. Many, many little triangles are knit in the round and then assembled in groups and the groups assembled into hexagons. It's the perfect project to use up leftovers, maybe paired with a solid colour for contrast. It's like a mosaic and a real work of art.

image - Park Williams

Stash-Buster Duster by Park Williams. Well the name is there with this one. Knit to an aran weight, but to achieve this you can combine any thickness of yarn. You can rummage around for all sorts of colours, thicknesses and fibre contents to create this amazing technicolour creation. You are encouraged to change colours when you feel to create a piece unique to you.

Stay well and happy knitting!