We were blown away when the delivery of Norne Yarn arrived just before Unravel. We knew it was going to be beautiful, but we didn’t realise it would be this beautiful! Sumptuous and rich with jewel like tones on the most luscious base imaginable. It’s enough to to make you weep with joy. So what is the Norne Yarn all about, read on and you will discover. 

Norne Yarn is brainchild of Tuva Hoen a self described history geek and you can see this in her yarns. With inspiration coming from Norse mythology and mythical culture her yarns are all hand dyed in Norway and draw on the Viking history. With names like Gullinbuste which is the name of a boar in Norse Mythology. It has golden bristles and yes the yarn is golden! Or Ægir's Feast. Ægir brewed ale for the gods and this yarns colour is a rich brown orange colour, its ale! The names are so evocative you can almost imagine yourself on a Viking adventure while knitting with them.

We have introduced two bases which are both a blend of merino, silk and yak. A 100g DK and a whopping 120g 4ply Singles. This fibre blend makes this yarn so soft and so luminous. The yak and merino create a feel like nothing else and it is wonderful against the skin. The silk ads a lustre and makes these yarns glow. The DK is an evenly plied yarn which would lend itself to projects with good definition. The 4ply singles would have lovely drape and both would be great for any project, from cosy accessories to garments you will never want to take off.

So what can you knit with this marvellous yarn. Let's take a look:

Filigree by Julie Knits in Paris. Of course my first point of call when looking at patterns for Norne Yarn was the Filigree Wrap. The is the grandest knitting project in every sense. This wrap is alive with cables, lace and brioche. Its regal, its majestic and it showcases Norne Yarn in the best possible way. It's knit in four skeins of Norne Yarn Singles.

Filigree Hat by Julie Knits in Paris. You can't have a a shawl without having a matching hat! The Filigree hat takes the recurring lace motif of the shawl but uses it in a more manageable project. Perfect for trying out this yarn. Just one skein of Norne Yarn DK is all you need for the snuggliest hat ever.

Whitehorse by Caitlin Hunter. Make the most of this yarns comfy feel with this gorgeous jumper. The stunning lace yoke is made for a yarn with a bit of a sheen to it. The details catch the light in a really pretty way. The rest of the body from the yoke down is knit inside out, so don't worry its not endless purling. This would look great in the rich tones of Norne Yarn DK.

Brioche Tiles by Susanne Sommer. I have had my eye on this pattern ever since it was released last year. It is a true masterpiece and a really fun use of brioche. A graphic triangular shape with an even more graphic mosaic of brioche tiles. Two contrasting colours of Norne Yarn Singles would look stunning.