Here we go folks. It’s time to banner together again... What better way to gather our friends from near by, far away and beyond, in a community project celebrating all things important right now – solidarity, camaraderie, nurture, kindness, support and love – through a message of gratitude!

No, we’re not saying #ballstotrump this time (but we sort of are saying that too).  This is Fabrications, Knit with attitude and Wild and Woolly aka the East London Yarn Triangle saying that a free health service at the point of delivery based on need, is a beautiful and precious thing and we are so proud of what ALL the NHS workers are doing now, and have been doing all along.

Please help us knit this banner so we can raise it in celebration of the cleaners, the nurses, the cooks, the doctors, the paramedics, the radiographers, the therapists, the anaesthetists, the midwives, the receptionists, and all the workers who are on the frontline now.
Get out your scraps, put your needles together and help make the most beautiful banner we can to tell the NHS workers how much we love them and what they do.

How are we going to do this?
1. Pop over to Wild and Wolly's instagram feed to find out which lettered rectangles that are still available, or CO for a plain one right away. If you do a quick instagram search for #eastlondonknitterssaythankyounhs inspiration awaits already!
2. Knit, crochet or weave a 10cm x 15 cm rectangle .
3. Letters should be *light* on a *dark background*
4. Plain (no letter) rectangles can be decorated too - love hearts? Red crosses? Whatever you like.
5. If you like to share the love for this project on social media please post about your rectangle using hashtags:
#besafe #bekind
6. Send your finished rectangles to:
ELYT NHS banner project
c/oWild and Woolly
116 Lower Clapton Road
London E5 0QR

We will cross the sewing-up bridge when we get to it.
For now, we’re just focusing on knitting the rectangles.
Are you in? We hope so!

With love and strength from us all,
Barley, Maya and Anna xxx
Be safe! Be kind!