I love these 'Time For a New Project' posts. It's my chance to have a fantasise about the colour potential of project. Plus rummaging around on the shelves of Knit With Attitude is my favourite thing to do. So when I saw Neon Skyline by Carol Feller and saw that it was knit in her yarn Stolen Stitches Nua my mind started racing.

This stunner of a triangular shawl starts from the tip and grows and grows out to its widest. Creating a shawl that is 145 cm wide and 106.5 cm deep. A chevron pattern is maintained throughout, with bands of mediative garter stitch surrounding groups of mosaic stitch. Mosaic stitch is worked by slipping the contrast colour in a row. This means only one colour is worked per row giving you a simple way into colourwork and thus ideal for beginners.

This shawl uses Stolen Stitches Nua combined with a hand dyed yarn. Nua is a collaboration between Fyberspates, Chester Wool and Carol Feller. It's a lovely sport weight blend of merino, yak, and linen. A plump, sumptuously soft yarn with an interesting fibre content. A fun texture, where each fibre has its own qualities. Merino its softness, yak its silky feel and linen its durability. The colours are also dreamy, gentle jewel tones that compliment each other perfectly.

So I have pulled out some colour suggestions, looking at the Nua paired with some of the hand dyed 4plys we have here. I think this shawl would need quite a contrasting combination to give definition to the mosaic parts. I have put together some strong and complimentary colours as well as more subtle ones. You will need 4 skeins of Stolen Stitches Nua and 400m of a hand dyed 4ply.

I love this beach combination, it's got me thinking of summer. The Harvest Moon colour from Black Elephant is one of my favourites. Paired with this blue it just zings.

Black Elephant Merino Singles in Harvest Moon and Stolen Stitches Nua in Hatters Teal Party.

Crazy speckled hand dyes are hard to pair sometimes. A trick that works and really makes them pop is trying to find a common colour family within the skein (I have taken pink with this one). Then finding a dialled down more muted pairing like this subtle dusky pink. You then create an interesting colour story between the two and magic happens.

Black Elephant Merino Singles in Blame Fawkes Stolen Stitches Nua in Cerebellum

I love this earthy and fresh combination. The pale minty blue/green of the Garnsurr contrasts quite strongly with the Nua but still seems harmonious. There is also a texture thing happening here as well, with the smoothly twisted Garnsurr and the more fibrous Nua.

Garnsurr Søkke Merino in Kvitkrull and Stolen Stitches Nua in Frog on the Wall

This is the most subtle combination of the selection. Almost monochrome but with a mere hint of warmth. I know it's not neon in anyway, but this combination would be a perfect match to nearly any outfit.

Black Elephant Merino Singles in Pecan Pie and Stolen Stitches Nua in Bare Necessities.

Film Noir is a classic colour from Hedgehog Fibres. I love their cream based speckles, they match so perfectly with so many solids. Giving you a nice contrast but also melting into the other colour in places.

Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles in Film Noir and Stolen Stitches Nua in Angry Monkey.

I looked deep within this skein of Garnsurr to see some small moments of deep purple speckle. That led me to this aubergine coloured Nua. A high contrast but warm combination. The Garnsurr being subtly variegated but not overwhelmingly speckled which will help when it comes to the mosaic section.

Garnsurr Søkke Merino in Nuperose and Stolen Stitches Nua in Chalk and Plum.