You may have seen lots of tempting teaser pictures of various knitting designs on our social medium platforms instagram and facebook over the past few weeks. But why are we teasing you! The Knit With Attitude anniversary book of course. If you didn't know Knit With Attitude is celebrating its 10 years this year, read more about our beginnings here: 10 Years and Still Standing - Kickstarter Campaign.

So for this special milestone we are celebrating with the most gorgeous publication of knitting and crochet designs. Included in this book are some of our favourite designers from around the world, as well as what we see as attitude, from our neighbourhood, our friends and of course our base, the Knit With Attitude shop . We have garments and accessories covered and everything from your head to your toes. We are also running a Kickstarter Campaign in support of this project and to read more about that, head over to our Kickstarter page.

Since last spring we have worked together with 12 independent designers from all over the world in search for what the term ‘attitude’ means to them and how this could be interpreted into yarn and stitches. All designers had a list of yarns from our most loved producers to choose from and basically a very open brief, the results we received are all very different but equally gorgeous! The 12 designers we are working with are: Renee Callahan, Fiona Alice Laurila, Eli Leistad, Julie Dubreux, Nomagugu Sibanda, Isa Catepillan, Susanne Sommer, Francesca Hughes, Karie Westermann, Natalie Selles, George Cullen and Maya. It is funny, we’ve now reached the time in the process where the samples are coming back to us, and suddenly we’re moving from abstract ideas to very tactile and concrete - the book project that up until now has been in our heads is becoming very real. And we are now slowly but steadily moving into the production phase of the book - which is very exciting – but also dependent on your help!

We have revealed nine of these designs so far but if you have missed them here is a closer look:

First up we showed Maya's design. A sneak peak of playful stripes and colour, knitted up in the G-uld No. 4. A stunning Merino/Gotland blend in light 4Ply, naturally dyed by G-uld.

Our next teaser was Susanne Sommer. Giving her great eye for design and construction in this tantalising shoulder feature. Her design is in the Växbo Lin - Lingarn 12/2. This 100% natural pure linen yarn, traditionally grown and spun in Sweden, is certified with the Swedish Good Environmental Choice label (Bra Miljöval) because of its durability and environmentally friendly processing.

Our third teaser is a very cryptic one from Renee Callahan. These intriguing eyelets is all you get to see. But I think that is enough to whet your appetite and you know with Renee behind the design, you will get a meticulous precision for detail. Plus its knit in the lovely Hey Mama Wolf - Sockyarn #04. Sockyarn #04 is handdyed using natural dyes, a sturdy blend of Merino and Corriedale, strengthened with ramie fibre.

The forth teaser could be a number of things. But what we can see is that this design by Eli Leistad, one of the stars of Norwegian colourwork, employs a charming use of colour and pattern. Knit in Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Blåne. Traditionally spun by the family owned mill Hillesvåg, in lustrous Norwegian Pelt wool, Blåne is an aran weight yarn in a colour palette which richness is unlike anything else.

Fifth on our teaser trail is a design by Fiona Alice. Fiona has a great talent for well considered and interesting pattern details, show to great effect in this little piece. A combination of Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock and Garnsurr Søkke Merino. Two great high twist yarns with a palette of amazing hand dyed colours.

Our sixth teaser comes from Natalie Selles. A fellow colleague of ours and an amazing designer with a panache for combining techniques. Like in this combination of Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply and Cumulus. To fun yarns from Fyberspates playing together in textured harmony.

The seventh in our teaser series is a design from me, George Cullen. I was desperate to use the G-uld since the time me and Maya wet to their dyeing workshop in Denmark. Which you can read about here. After that workshop I had a greater appreciation for the dyeing process and I designed this combining both the G-uld Alpaca and G-uld No.4.

Teaser number eight is a stunner of a design from crochet expert Isa Catepillan. Isa has such a talent for creating fashionable, wearable and fun crochet designs. When we met in the shop she fell in love with the linen and picked out one of my favourite shades of Växbo Lin - Lingarn 12/2.

Our ninth and last teaser for now comes from Julie Dubreux. It's so fitting that Julies pattern is full of life and colour. Her loving warmth and energy is infections and this comes out in her designs. We love it when Julie comes to give workshops at Knit With Attitude, we all leave smiling! Julie's design is knit in Coopknits Socks Yeah! One of our favourite yarns in a great range of colours designed by sock guru Rachel Coopey.

Keep your eyes peeled for more teasers to come... In the meantime we are getting ever closer to our Kickstarter goal but there is still a way to go. We are so grateful for your support and spreading the word.