The beautiful Stitch & Story has landed at Knit With Attitude. Filling our shelves with its plump and luscious merino softness, its The Chunky Yarn. We have 14 super yummy colours to choose from, but what do we knit with all this loveliness? Below I talk a little bit about the yarn and provide you with some tantalising pattern ideas. Reach for those chunky needles!


Stitch & Story The Chunky Yarn is spun from a 100% sustainable merino wool. This lightly twisted single strand roving yarn is amazingly soft. Merino sheep have one of the finest fibres, which makes is one of the softest and lovely worn next to the skin. Perfect for a whole host of knits, especially accessories like scarves. What's better is that being chunky you can knit it on 10 or 12mm needles. A great beginner yarn and one we always recommend to people starting their knitting adventure. If you are looking for some simple beginner stitches explained then Stitch & Story themselves have a great knitting stitch resource page.  Four or five balls would give you a basic scarf and two would get you a snood or cowl. Cast on a number of stitches and just keep knitting, ideal for learning and a welcome result for cold necks this time of year.

If you are looking for something a bit more advanced though, then look no further than this selection.


Frost at Midnight Cowl by Helen Stewart. This takes the basic knit cowl to the next level, adding in a satisfying stitch repeat. This basket weave texture with added eyelets creates a really snuggly eye catching design. You could knit this in two balls of Stitch & Story The Chunky Yarn.


Chain Me Beanie by Dana Marie Moreno. This is a beanie that has a little bit more edge. A ridge of defined stitches give it a bit more flair and knit in a chunky yarn this is going to keep your head warm. Only one ball of Stitch & Story The Chunky Yarn is all you need.


Medhel an Gwyns by Kalurah Hudson. Shawls! Yes even shawls can be done in chunky yarn. I love the texture of this one, not over complicated but just enough to celebrate the yarn. Topped off by a striking central cable. This is a shawl/blanket, one for the sofa on a cold evening. This would knit up in five balls of Stitch & Story The Chunky Yarn, giving you a shawl that is 165cm x 81cm (65” X 32”).


Strathcona Sweater by Tara-Lynn Morrison. This designer has some stunning designs when it comes to using chunky yarn. It was hard to pick just one but I went with this. A stylish boxy jumper with a large ribbed collar. I think it is hard to marry style with oversized but this balance is perfect. Knit in the round and top down, this would be so cosy in Stitch & Story The Chunky Yarn, warm and snuggly. Knit in between 5 and 6 balls.


Meri by Jonna Hietala. I picked this one out because I think it would celebrate all the qualities of Stitch & Story The Chunky Yarn. Look how cosy it looks. Oversized sleeves, generous ribbing and a large collar for keeping out the wind. Garter stitch just adds to the hug-ability of it. Knit in between 10 or 15 balls.

Of course if you are looking for a Stitch & Story project ready to go then we have a great selection of ready to go kits. Like this adorable Charlie Brown Hat kit!