What better project to reminisce about now the weather is beginning to turn and the chill of autumn is in the air.  For this edition of Throwback Thursday we have the Wrap Me Up Cardigan. A massively inviting, cosy oversized cardigan designed by Maya and knit in the oh so soft Du Store Alpakka Hexa.

Wrap Me Up Cardigan

This cardigan combines the magical softness of the 100% Alpaca yarn Hexa, with the wonderfully squishy qualities of brioche. Maya says of her design:

'Wrap Me Up is the cardigan I always wanted for myself – one to cuddle up in on the sofa on a chilled evening with my knitting at hand, still so stylish you want to be seen about town wearing it.'

This is certainly true, this cardigan is humongous, but in a way that embraces you. The softness of the alpaca has to be felt to be believed, with an amazing drape that will hug your shape making it super comfy and flattering to wear. A generous rolled ribbed collar provides warmth around your neck and the oversized nature gives you many ways to wear it. Worn open and loose it provides a warm layer over jeans and a t-shirt, but it looks just as great accessorised with a feature belt and wrapped tight.

Wrap Me Up Cardigan

Choose your favoutie two colours and you can go as high contrast or as subtle as you like. One will be the main colour and will appear in the ribbing and the dominate knit stitches in the brioche, here seen in the charcoal. The contrast colour will appear in the purl sections of the brioche here seen in the acid green. Knit in Du Store Alpakka's Hexa, which is a 100% super soft but thick and plump alpaca. It's lightweight and airy due to its construction. The whole strand is made from a knitted i-cord tube. This allows it to trap air making it light but also warm.

What is great about Du Store Alpakka is by using their yarn you are supporting local communities in Peru through the Mirasol Project. Peru’s heritage and culture of textile artistry is rich and ancient. The Du Store Alpakka yarns are made from the animals tended by these communities for generations in the Peruvian highlands. A portion of every purchase goes directly to the funding of a boarding centre and school in the remote area of Munani in the region of Puno.

For the cardigan you will need 9 of the main colour and 6 of the contrast and for this revisit I have put some new kit colours together. Find some ideas below and click through to shop the kits or come up with your own variations of Hexa.


Woodland - This earthy combination uses Dark Olive 925 as the main colour contrasted with Dark Brown 913. Perfect for cosy autumnal walks through the trees.


Underwater - A subtle contrast here in two tones of blue. Turquoise 923 as your main colour and the slightly more muted Denim 942 for the contrast. Ideal for lovers of watery blues.


Magpie - This is the most graphic and striking of the combinations. You can't get more stylish than a classic black and white pairing. Black 914 as your main colour and White 939 as the contrast.


Seaside - A bright and sunny combo to chase away those winter blues. The main colour is Ochre 932 with Sea Green 940 as a contrast. I love the happiness in this combination and would easily work by swapping the contrast for main.

If you choose to go for one of our new kit combos - please use the code WRAPMEUPTHROWBACK in your shopping cart - and receive 10% off. This offer lasts until midnight UK time Friday October 4th 2019.