Mini Skeins! So tempting, so cute and you can't just have one. So what do you do with them all?


I love minis and I seem to magpie towards them. So when we had the delivery of Black Elephant arrive bringing our total up to 32 colours, my mouth was watering! Minis are a great way of sampling a dyer's style or building up a mini stash on a small budget. They are fun little souvenirs and fun to add into any project. Good for colour pops, stripes or great when marled together.

Each of Black Elephant's Mini Skiens are 20g, 4ply Merino Single with 80 meters per skein. All hand dyed with Petra's gorgeous talent for applying colour in such a depth and richness its got to be seen to be believed. Below I have put together some fun projects, ideal for your stash of minis or mini stash to be.


Signal by Anna Maltz is a super cute, super fun looking colour work hat. It's made for minis. Pick a palette of tonal solids or throw in some of your favourite speckles and go wild with this one. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face while you are wearing it and while you are knitting it.


Leftie by Martina Behm. Not just for leftovers, those mini skeins would work perfectly here. choose a nice neutral main colour and let your little colour pops shine. This classic triangle shawl starts in one corner and gets larger and larger, beautiful details created by the simple leaf shapes at the end of each stripe.


Epicenter by Josh Ryks-Robinsky. This one is just wild. Starting from the centre and working outworks in outrageous coloured zig zags. It certainly catches your eye. You need a solid main colour and 16 mini skiens, 16! You better start collecting.


Hygge Hat by Petra Black. Petra of Black Elephant designed this hat herself and is ideal for graduating between mini skeins. Holding three strands together at once, you can get some interesting results with colour.