I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Knit a Rainbow series, it was a great way to explore the shop and focus into a single colour. But how can I forget neutrals!


The fleeces of animals that we spin to make yarn are infinitely varied when it comes to colour. Undyed and neutral shades offer us an experience to create something as naturally as possible. It's also quite nice to see how the natural colour of the yarn effects the dyed shades, which can be seen quite clearly in the grey of the Hillesvåg Pelsullgarn and the G-uld undyed white and greys. Natural shades are earthy and warm and these inviting tones vary from blacks, to browns, to greys, to creams. Natural shades can also be blended to create a whole tonal palette which can be seen in the amazing number of shades of Garthenor Number 1 (there are more, I just couldn't fit them in).

So here we have them, my pick of the neutrals. For more details of each brand look below. Or if you would like to search out your own neutral, follow this link to the undyed section of our website: UNDYED.


G-uld – alpaca in Undyed Grey and Undyed White – 4ply 50g – 100% Alpaca. Naturally dyed and oh so soft alpaca yarn from G-uld.

Hillesvåg – Sølje in Naturgrå – 100g 4ply – 100% Norwegian Pelsullgarn. Traditionally spun by the family owned mill Hillesvåg, in lustrous Norwegian Pelt wool, Sølje is an 4Ply weight yarn in a colour palette which richness is unlike anything else.

Växbo Lin – Lingarn in Unbleached  – 4ply 100g – 100% Linen. This 100% natural pure linen yarn, traditionally grown and spun in Sweden, is certified with the Swedish Good Environmental Choice label (Bra Miljöval) because of its durability and environmentally friendly processing.

Purl Alpaca Designs - Medium in Champagne and Copper - DK 50g - 100% Alpaca. A classic weight, luxurious yarn with a lovely stitch definition which shows off lace and cabled garments for adults and children perfectly.

From The Mountain - Afghan Cashmere in Dark Brown and Light Brown - Sport 100g - 100% Cashmere. A 100% cashmere yarn hand spun in Afghanistan by women being paid fairly for their work. It is deliciously soft, with a hand you have to feel to believe.

Hey Mama Wolf – Schafwolle #03 in Natural Grey – Worsted 100g – 100% Organic Wool. Schafwolle #03 is a natural dyed, worsted weight organic wool yarn from Hey Mama Wolf.

Hillesvåg - Sol - DK 100g - 100% Norwegian Lambswool. Traditionally spun by the family owned mill Hillesvåg, in 100% Norwegian Lambs Wool, Sol is the finest white fibres in a DK weight yarn.

Garthenor - Number 1 in  Chalk, Pebble Shale, Oartmeal, Moorit, Chalkboard - Lace 50g - 100% Organic Wool. All British and certified organic! Garthenor Number 1 is a laceweight yarn suitable for practical wear as well as for very special heirloom pieces.