Sweater weather, we do love you. I mean, summer is nice and all, but give a knitter sweater weather! To celebrate its return, our yarn of the week is Bio Lana, from the Italian company Mondial. It's a 100% organic wool spun in Italy. We have it in a range of beautiful natural shades, as well as a few classic dyed colours such as blue, red, eggplant and green. The balls come in 50g, which combined with the colours makes them perfect for colourwork projects, but the stitch definition is also ideal for classic cabled sweaters. It is a slightly more rustic feel than a merino, but is still soft enough for most people to wear as a garment.


We think that Bio Lana would make a good substitute for Shelter, opening up a range of options with the beautiful pattern offerings from Brooklyn Tweed. They sure do know their way around a cabled sweater! We love Bray by Jared Flood from BT Fall 13. Gorgeous cables with classic styling that make it a sweater you could live in.


Mondial is one of the oldest yarn brands still operating in Europe, having opened their doors in 1946. Bio Lana is part of their new range of organically produced yarn that are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Use the code BIOLANA15 online to get 15% off Bio Lana until Sunday September 25th, while supplies last. Mention the sale in-store to receive the same offer.