Following with our classes here at Knit With Attitude, we have another interview! This time it is with Joanne Scrace, a designer, teacher and writer of the blog Not So Granny. She will be leading a class on how to crochet a shawl from her books The Shawl Project Books One and Two on Saturday January 10th, from 12-3pm. You can read more about the class and book your spot here.

In the mean time we have asked Joanne a few questions about her career and crochet. Thanks so much!

[caption id="attachment_1196" align="alignnone" width="570"]il_570xN.848318183_ayb9 Missed Kingfisher pattern from the Shawl Project Book Two.[/caption]

How long have you been knitting and crocheting? I learnt to knit as a child and picked it up again in my early twenties (fifteen years ago - can that really be right?!) I only started to crochet about seven years ago.

What inspired you to get into teaching? I love passing on skills and I am very patient. Teaching is a constant reminder of what my customers need when I design so it is the perfect pairing.

You have been championing modern crochet for a few years. What is it about crochet that you love vs knitting? Its fast! And very easy to rip out when it goes wrong! I think I find crochet more inspiring because fewer people are using it in interesting ways and I feel like there is less known about the technical side of the craft. I enjoy subverting crochet to make it look like knitting and playing with stitches to get crochet to behave in new and interesting ways.There is a lot of untapped potential there.

What are the challenges that crochet is facing that knitting has not? The dual languages and different ways of writing patterns - it really confuses beginners. If I could wave a magic wand I would make crochet pattern writing as standardized as knitting. 

[caption id="attachment_1197" align="alignnone" width="709"]Shawls from The Shawl Project. Shawls from The Shawl Project.[/caption]

You have written two crochet shawl books, can you tell us about your journey to self-publishing? At the start of my designing career I published through magazines a lot so I didn't have to deal with photography, layout and technical editing. Then I met my business partner Kat Goldin and between us we had the perfect skill set to do the self publishing end to end. I prefer to self publish as it allows me to explore the pattern writing and topics that I want to look at and I keep complete creative control of how my work is presented.

Are you a process or product knitter/crocheter? I enjoy making very much, always look for patterns that teach me something and don't feel truly happy unless there is a hook or pair of needles in my hand so in that sense I am a process maker. But I do love to wear what I make; every design is to fill a little gap in my wardrobe - completely inspired by the finish object. I will stay up till the early hours finishing then steam block so I can wear something the next day. SO in that sens I am a product maker.

What are you currently making? I've just started on one of the cardigans for my next book.