Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely holiday with time to relax with your friends and loved ones, and that your celebrations were joyful, leaving you invigorated and enthusiastic about the new year. I definitely feel energized, much because of my time off, but also because I'm so excited about the spring and the plans we have for Knit with attitude. The new workshop schedule is about to go live, and we have lots and lots of new luscious fibres coming in to fill up the shelves. I'm not revealing the highlights just yet, but let me say as much as we're focusing on the best of British and also a gorgeous range of hand dyes this spring! So what better occasion could one have to clear some space to make room for the new? None you say – and I hear you! We're having a proper winter SALE! Knit with attitude Winter Sale Yes, I told already, this really is a happy new year!