Do you know what a yarn bowl is? For many knitters it is their most precious and cherished possession. It has a very practical use, to hold your yarn and keep it from rolling away while it is being knitted with, but yarn bowls are often pieces of art themselves. Beautifully made and decorative, and of course they can be used to hold something else other than a ball of yarn. Years ago, when starting up Knit with attitude, I played around with the idea of having a yarn bowl made. I've often said that if I were to choose again I would have become a ceramicist or a glass blower, and maybe this creative dream of mine was what spurred me on to actually trying to make it happen. Bowl Mould I love porcelain for its simple and beautiful perfection, and fascinated by Petra Sajkas' bubble wrap porcelain pieces, I contacted her to see if she could help me bring my idea into life. Isn't it funny how sometimes coincidence works? It turned out that Petra shares her studio with Annette Bugansky and if you have a look at Annette's work you'll quickly see why the three of us were a match made in heaven. I had this idea of a bowl looking like a ball of yarn, as this is usually the starting point of a knitter's inspiration, and together we came up with ideas on how this could be solved when making the mould. The main focus was not only to have the bowl looking like a yarn ball, but to also create the tactile experience it is to hold a ball of yarn, when picking up and holding your yarn bowl. Yran Bowl With a fascination for the intersection between soft and hard, trying to capture the softness of yarn with the use of crisp porcelain, this yarn bowl has been more than a year in the making before reaching it's final shape. I've lost count of how many moulds and prototypes we've been through, before Annette finally started to make the actual yarn bowls. But now it's here, and look at how pretty it is!!! The yarn bowl splits on the middle in two parts, one bottom bowl to contain your most precious ball of yarn, and the lid, complete with a hole from which to pull the yarn, creating a yin and yang between the yarn and ceramic. A small number of yarn bowls have now been produced and are ready in time for the holidays. They make a perfect gift for both knitters and non-knitters alike. Yarn Bowl The yarn bowls will be on display in studio E2E, with other knit-textured objets d’art and the rest of Annette’s work at the upcoming Cockpit Arts Christmas Open Studios happening 28-30 November. The bowls will be released for purchase the same weekend, they can be bought at the event, or by visiting Knit with attitude's London shop. Due to it's exclusive nature, the yarn bowl will not be listed in the web shop, further details on reservations, mail orders and price are available upon request, please contact us to learn more. To view the other Annette Bugansky pieces available through Knit with attitude, have a look here.