I'm so excited to tell that we finally have most of the Wool and the Gang yarns (and some kits too) in stock! From the 'classic' super chunky Crazy Sexy Wool, to the most luscious newcomer in the family Sheepaca, a yarn as elegant as it's name! Recently I grabbed hold of one of the Gangstas Anna Martinou and asked her a few questions, I'm sure that after reading her brilliant stories, you'll be just as much in love with these cool forward-thinking people and their yarns, as I am! I mean, just go have a look at those happy colours!!! And if you happen to be on Ravelry; we're celebrating all the new WATG yarns and soon we'll be kicking off the party with a proper Knit Along, so keep an eye on our group page! Over to Anna... WATG Office What is the story behind Wool and the Gang? The story of a DIY fashion brand powered by the maker movement. It starts with two young designers Jade and Aurelie who met while studying Textiles at London Central Saint Martins, originally being taught the skill of knitting by their grannies around the age of 14. By the age of 26 they were the co-founders and creative directors of Wool and the Gang - a global fashion brand that is disrupting the traditional fashion model by championing a more sustainable way to produce fashion. The idea was simple: Make knitting sexy and rock n' roll. They have a Gang of over 1600 knitters around the world who help to design, produce and sell their collection. They have partnered with brands ranging from The British Fashion Council and Giles Deacon through to lifestyle brands Mini Cooper and Veuve Clicquot. WATG Jade and Aurelie Why knitwear? Because we find wool to be the most playful material. And we love playing! We like the texture, the softness and all the endless possibilities that you have with wool. Who is the Gang? The Gang is our global network of Gangstas who knit on their own time and place and then sell via woolandthegang.com. Most of them are based in UK, but we've got people all over the world from Paris to Peru, Australia and US. Our makers are involved in every step of our process from design and production through to passing on knitting skills at our workshops. Anyone can be a Gangsta — simply purchase a Kit and learn to knit, support a fellow Gangsta by buying their handmade pieces, or pass on your skills to others. WATG Kit What makes Wool and the Gang different from other yarn producers? We research so so so much to find the best yarn in the world! Our Crazy Sexy Wool is 100% Peruvian wool - the softest that you can find and the chunkiest and easiest to knit with. We also work with fashion factories to repurpose their fashion waste into new yarns to reduce landfill like our Mixtape and Jersey Be Good Yarn. But above all - and that's the plain truth - we're different because we're having a good fun with it! A heavenly colour palette, a funny sticker, a hidden alpaca on our website, a small pin for lucky customers et al. We simply value the small things that matter and make our lives happier. Knit With Attitude customers are environmentally and socially conscious knitters. How does Wool and the Gang share their values? Oh well, wool (surprise!) is our favourite yarn. It's natural, renewable and biodegradable. We work with fashion factories to repurpose their fashion waste into new yarns to reduce landfill. And we're always on the lookout for new innovative materials that help to reduce environmental impact. But also, our whole operational system is based on sustainable processes - it's hardly ever any leftovers or stock behind. WATG Wild Wool What's new this Autumn? Just to strengthen the above claim on making knitting fun we've just launched our Emoji beanies collection along with a series of personalised hats - the 'Say My Name' and 'Count on Me' beanies. Yes, why not say ILOVEU you with a hat this year? On the rock n'roll side of things, this autumn expect more wildness from the Gang. Our Wild Wool collection has already been launched with big chunky leopard knits and there's still more to come. From traditional cable knits to textured oversized plush coats to the classic tartan print to the feminine touch of flower embroidery. Keep your eyes peeled! Best Autumn tune and why? Seasons from Future Islands. We all get a bit nostalgic when seasons change, no? And we love the name of the band! xxx WATG 5 Off to the party...!