As you probably have noticed, first half of 2014 brought lots of changes to Knit with attitude, our refurbishment meant much more shelf space and finally I've had the chance to expand our selection and introduce more new brands, and there is even more to come... DesignETTE Book 1 One company I've started collaborating with this year is Danish DesignETTE. I met founder Camilla at a trade show in February and immediately fell in love with her brand. I simply love everything about it, their yarns, their philosophy and their designs. This summer we concentrated on their raw silk ranges Hokkaido and Shikoku, but we'll have a closer look at their warmer fibres now going towards Christmas. I've asked Camilla a few questions about herself and her company, to give us all a chance to get to know DesignETTE a bit more. Hokkaido Who are the people behind DesignETTE and what is the story behind the company? We are a family company. The name of the company, Ette, is my mothers first name and my middle name. I chose this because the art of knitting is often handed over from one generation to the other.  When describing your company you say 'We care for the discerning knitter who aims for high standards and perfection in their work’, what does this mean in reality? It means that we do not have in mind the beginners of the art of knitting.  Hokkaido Describe the values behind the production process, why do you emphasise sustainability and natural fibres?  We think that we all do have a responsibility for the world of tomorrow. What we can do is to choose natural fibers and get them spun and coloured in countries with high regulations of their production rules. I fell in love with natural fibers. They are soft, have wonderful structures, and colours, and their flexibility and strength inspires me too.  DesignETTE Book 1 All designs are by you, Camilla Ette Gotfredsen, what inspire you when designing your garments? I think the yarn chooses the design for most of my projects. I start off with a yarn in a given quality that contains a structure , softness, flexibility, a colour and I look at it and feel it. Next I try to knit the most suitable pattern and tension to create the perfect texture. After that, when I am able to see how it works and falls, I create a shape. How would you summarise your style in three words? Feminine, with a Nordic twist. Shikoku Why do you think that Nordic Design has an appeal to the International knitting world? The Nordic countries are in general known for their design. So why not the knits as well?  This summer’s favourite tune, and why? No favourites, I like them all:-)   What are the immediate plans for DesignETTE, what’s happening this autumn/winter? We will attend Excel in London and the fashion show there, we also have 5 patterns being published in the high end British and American knitting magazines to let more people know about us and what we do. DesignETTE Book 1