A while ago, or to be honest it must have been around last Christmas, I kept posting pictures like this on my facebook wall, boldly stating that no-one would be able to guess what we were planning to use these squares for. I didn't think it would take me months and months to get to the revelation of it. Counter Granny Squares The crocheting of the granny squares didn't take us long, but figuring out the best way to attach the cover to the counter, and getting perfectly fitted glass, did in deed take a small eternity. But here you have it, our yarn bombed counter. Those of you who been following me for a while know that yarn bombing has a special place in my heart, and this is our tribute to all those lovely and bold yarn bomb statements out there, although ours doesn't carry a message with it except from being visually exciting and pretty. And yes, we are mighty pleased with the result and our selves. Counter at Knit with attitude We were aiming for a floating box effect and I think that we're pretty much spot on. What do you think? The colours are rather stone-like, however it’s incredibly lightweight and soft to touch as it’s constructed from Ushya, which is a chunky merino wool. Also, as the wool is only temporarily fixed, we’re free to change the look as we wish, we're already discussing the colour scheme for the spring, bold and bright is what can be expected. Counter Corner A big thanks to my lovely partner in crime and shop housemate Jess, Of Cabbages & Kings, who had to teach herself to crochet in no time as I refused to do it all, and last but not least Finch Munro for both the design and build of the project. Floating Box