frikkgenser5frikkgenser1 Little One's Pickles' Easy-Peasy-Sweater is done. The pattern pay justice to it's name, this is a very simple and straight forward project. I did follow the pattern sizes 3-4 years, and my gauge was spot on, but I didn't measure the boy himself and although he turns five next week the sweater still turned out a bit on the large side. It will be perfect for this winter though, or the next one. frikkgenser6frikkgenser3 The sweater is knitted in two strands held together, I've used the fair traded Alpaca yarn Mirasol by Du Store Alpakka. It is one of my all time favourite yarns, but what I love the most is the huge range of colours that they do, and that their mixed colours always have both cold and warm tones in them, so they will always match the solid colour range should you want to combine these. frikkgenser4frikkgenser2 Now knitting the sweater was easy enough, as you can see I had more problems getting the boy to stand still for my pictures... frikkgenser7frikkgenser8