Knit Night Oh what a wonderful sunny week we've had in London, and it was in due time, the winter seemed to be going on forever. At Knit with attitude we have monthly knit nights, the second Thursday of every month, and this week we decided to move outside. After having spent the whole day at work inside, it was absolutely lovely to get to the park enjoying the last few hours of sunshine. And let me tell you; this is the stuff a proper knit night is made of! Toxic Silk in Orange This week I've also had the pleasure of introducing a new and very exciting range of yarns. Sheep of Steel is a collective of spinners through the UK working collaboratively in showcasing and selling unique, contemporary handspun yarns! Herdwick Ninja POW! Bamboo Alpaca Their mission is to promote the use of fibres and the craft of spinning through showcasing and selling experimental, contemporary ranges of handspun yarn. Spinning is a valuable craft and art form worth conserving and promoting. Its process encourages investigation, understanding and appreciation of the raw materials, which are at the basis of every textile. Skillfully and sustainably produced, Sheep of Steel hope that their handspun yarns are edgy, thought-provoking purchases, which will excite and engage you. Sheep of Steel