Are you like me? You race through your project with breeze, then when you reach 2/3 done, it suddenly starts to go real slowly, that project seems to never finish! You start planning new projects to sink your teeth in, mentally you are already done with your project, you have moved on. The question is, do you start on the next one before finishing, just because you can't help yourself? I'm the kind of knitter who ends up with ten to twelve UFOs (Unfinished Objects) while claiming that they are WIPs (Work in Progress), so the last year or so I've been on restriction, to make sure that I actually do finish what I'm working on. I'm only allowed to have two to three projects going on at the same time. frikkgenser Right now I'm working on a crochet jumper for myself which I realise will take for ever to complete, but as you can see my other project; a new jumper for my youngest one is nearly done, and then I will start a new project. Yay! I have an endless list of stuff I want to do, but right now I'm between two options.
  This skull shawl is just screaming my name, I noticed it as soon as it was published on Ravelry back in May and decided that this was for me. I've seen several versions of it popping up here and there, some simplifying how to make the eyes of the skulls, but I still like the original best. Another something that really caught my eyes last week, were these amazing yoga balls.
  I'm dying to make a cover for mine, it needs one for sure, and it would transform it from this thing that is always in the way being rolled around in the flat, to a new funky interior piece with it's function intact. That's like win win win!!! I just can't make my mind up on these two, at least I have a few more rows to go on Little One's jumper before I have to make my decision.