Blog post originally from The world according to MayaB over at,          published 11/10/2012

Ten months ago, my lovely friend Jessica and I came up with this great idea. Like me, Jessica runs her own business, Of Cabbages & Kings, and like me she had a tiny little shop. We were discussing how our small premises had been good starting points, but how they now limited the expansion of our businesses, we both felt that we’d reached a saturation point and the need for more space was rather crucial for us to be able to keep growing. But moving locations isn’t that easy when you are a small independent business. The prices for bigger premises, especially if you’re hoping for a High Street location are extremely high, and very difficult to manage if you’re tiny and not prepared to drown yourself completely in debts. So we came up with this plan, to share premises. Running our two separate businesses under the same roof, meant that we could increase our space, and at the same time keep our expenses low.

No, it’s no spelling mistake, we came up with this idea TEN months ago, and this is how long it has taken put our plan into action. We had every single hick up you can think about, and we got completely tangled up in bureaucracy, paper work, solicitors and agents. It’s been an agonising process, which also forced us to close up our shops over the summer, and of course even more delays before we finally got in. But we’re in! And we will open as quickly as possible, but as you can see there is plenty of work to be done. I’ll keep you posted on the progress, but for now, have a look at our blank canvas, which we plan to make into the prettiest shop ever!