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Wool and the Gang

Wool And The GangWool and the Gang offers an amazing range of yarns, produced in Peru in close cooperation with the local communities or in Europe using up-cycled materials.
All of the WATG yarns are known for their right on-trend and incredible wide selection of colours.

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  • Billie Jean

    Billie Jean

    WATG wanted to create a denim yarn that would be just like your fave pair of jeans – a yarn to love and wear forever. Billie Jean Yarn has been made from pre-consumer denim remnants from production at denim mills. In jeans production and like most clothing production, there is tons of waste. In this case, after jeans are made, denim scraps and offcuts are gathered, ground back down into fibres and then these fibres are respun into yarn.
  • Crazy Sexy Wool

    Crazy Sexy Wool

    Wool and the Gang's Crazy Sexy Wool is soft, chunky and super easy to knit with. Perfect for winter woolies and accessories. This is a premium end Peruvian wool yarn, sustainably manufactured following ethical and eco-friendly standards
  • Sheepaca
  • Shiny Happy Cotton

    Shiny Happy Cotton

    The ancient Peruvians believed that cotton was like fragments of cloud fallen to earth to clothe the people in the land of the Incas – a gift from their gods.

 Wool And The Gang's Shiny Happy Cotton's unique softness and lustre are the result of Peru's sunshine and fertile soils where it is grown without the use of any pesticides.
  • Tina Tape Yarn

    Tina Tape Yarn

    Wool and the Gang's Tina Tape yarn is a gorgeously soft and shiny tape yarn, sustainably made using 100% renewable energy and water saving. Tina Tape contains 100% Lyocell, a wood fibre made of sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees.
  • Wool Me Tender

    Wool Me Tender

    Wool Me Tender, a super soft, heavy aran, wool yarn produced in the Peruvian Andes. Sourced with love and care, Wool Me Tender is a sustainably and ethically produced yarn.