Christmas Wishlist: Jess

Things are starting to get a bit festive here at the shop. We asked all the staff to put together their wish list from the shop. You might not know if you haven’t visited our shop in person, but we are actually 2 shops in one storefront. The other shop is called Of Cabbages & Kings, and sells jewellery, prints and housewares all made in the UK. Our Christmas lists cross both shops, so extra reason to pop by and see if something catches your eye. Maybe it will inspire your own list, or help you find a gift for someone else!


First up is Jess’s list. She is the owner of Of Cabbages & Kings. We can see a bit of a colour theme going on here! Click on the links to see the products in the respective online shops.

Chris Andrews – Green Woodpecker print Maybe it’s the festive green and red combo that’s so appealing or memories of nature books and rambles through the woods?

Curve Hoops  I must be going through a green phase. These deco style earrings with the gold insert look super glamorous for party season. Want!!!

Pom Pom Quarterly Great little books. So collectable, they look lovely on the shelf and there are always two or three patterns I want to have a crack at. This winter it’s the Palindrome and Ondeto scarfs.

Sacred Saffron Beyul from Kettle Yarn  There’s a lace top I have in mind for this yarn. I love the rich rusty tones and silky sheen.

Project bag by Smock Shop Practical gift – these are so handy. And since I’ve usually got several projects on the go, I could really do with a different bag for each one.

Studio Noah Pots I have a fireplace in my new flat that’s just crying out to be filled with plants. These would be great potted with some succulents. Also, they’re made with volcanic ash and that’s just cool.

Soakwash This wash is so great for more than washing just wool, it’s saved a few of my silk tops that got a spot on them as well!

Thanks Jess! You can find all the items listed here online and in the shop! What’s on your wishlist?

Yarn of the Week: Hokkaido and Shikoku

We have just had the Great London Yarn Crawl through our doors on the weekend, and what a success! It is always one of the most fun days of the year, and really feels like it kicks off the London knitting season. Last year we released the Spitalfields Shawl for the crawl, so this year we are celebrating its first birthday! To help the celebrations we are making the Hokkaido and Shikoku used for the shawl as our Yarn of the Week.

The yarns are by the Danish company Designette and are in fact the same base, however the Hokkaido is solid and the Shikoku is variegated. It is a 4ply raw silk with a nubbly texture that looks best in simple textures such as garter stitch and stocking stitch. The raw silk can be used for anything where drape is a consideration, and perfect for things such as shawls and summer tops.


Spitalfields uses 2 balls of the solid Hokkaido and 1 ball of the variegated Shikoku, but that could be reversed as well to have the main sections of the shawl variegated instead of solid. Spitalfields Shawl

Designette is a company that is focused on sustainability with their yarn production, and ensures that their yarns in countries with strict and enforced labour laws.

Use the code DESIGN15 online to get 15% off Designette yarns and the Spitalfields kit until Sunday September 18th, while supplies last. Mention the sale in-store to receive the same offer.

Get ready for the East London Yarn Triangle

Rumours travel like fire in dry grass – but oh are we overwhelmed by the response we had for this little idea of ours – brought to you just in time for the World Wide Knit in Public Day!

East London Yarn Triangle

In celebration of 2016 World Wide Knit in Public Day, Saturday June 16th, Knit with attitude has joined forces with Wild and Woolly and Fabrications to bring you the most fun you’ve ever had on a Saturday with a pair of needles, a ball of wool and your knitting buddies..

What’s a yarn triangle and where do I get the pattern to knit it?
Mate, one question at a time…
The East London Yarn Triangle stretches from Fabrications in the south to Knit with Attitude in the north, to Wild and Woolly in the east – 3 extraordinary yarn stores – and all in walking or bussing distance of each other (isn’t Hackney brilliant?!).

So if it’s a map, how am I going to knit it?
Rock up and register your team at any of the shops (Fabrications, Knit with Attitude or Wild and Woolly) to join in on the final prize draw. You’ll get a special ELYT map which you need to follow with your knitting or crochet, making sure that you stop to snap yourselves proudly knitting in public as you go. Your map will have a list of key knit-stops which include some of our favourite hidden and not-so hidden haunts in Hackney. If you’d like a head start – download the map to your phone or print it out – you can start snapping those pictures straight away.

What’s a Knit-stop?
It’s a place where you stop and knit, and take a picture to post on instagram with the hashtag #eastlondonyarntriangle. Just take out your knitting right there and knit! It might feel a little odd at first, but we think you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, and soon enough you’ll be running into lots of other knitters doing the same thing.

What happens when I reach one of the shops?
If you can show the shop-keeper 3 instagram posts with the hashtag #eastlondonyarntriangle, you’ll get tidy 10% off anything you buy that day. We’ll also have plenty of other treats to help any hungry and thirsty knitters get all the way around the triangle.

Oh em gee! I want to knit the triangle now! Why do I have to wait until 18th June?
Easy tiger! 18th June is World Wide Knit in Public Day – it’s the world’s largest knitting event, so we need to all be on it together. Luckily the East London Yarn Triangle is staying right where it is though, so you’ll be able to use your ELYT map to visit us all again whenever you like.

Where can I find out more?
On the East London Yarn Triangle website! You can download your map, and find all details on the treasure hunt knit stops and what prizes that are up for grabs!

World Wide Knit in Public Day


Summer Top KAL/CAL 2016

We are happy to announce that we are running our annual Summer Top KAL/CAL again! Just like last year we are encouraging everyone to knit or crochet a summer top. We’ve got lots of summer friendly yarns such as cotton, bamboo, linen and even wool to make something special to wear in the warmer months. Check out our blog series from last summer for more information about what makes each yarn blend perfect for summer wear. The KAL/CAL will run from April 30 – July 31. 

The rules are:

  1. Must be at least 50% KWA yarns, newly purchased or stashed.
  2. May include UFOs (perfect for those of you that may not have finished last summer!)
  3. Prizes will be chosen at random from tops posted in the FO thread on Ravelry by midnight on July 21, BST.

To help you get started we are offering a discount on Love Your Yarn Shop day, Saturday April 30. Just mention the KAL/CAL at the till at the time of purchase to receive 15% off a garments worth of yarn (200g minimum, enough for a size small top). We’ve added to our Pinterest board to help with your inspiration. 


Asagi by Bristol Ivy from the Volume 10 issue of Amirisu.

For all of you that can’t make in in store but still want to join in on the KAL/CAL, we will be offering 10% off all yarns that contain cotton, linen, silk or bamboo in the online shop with the code SUMMERTOP. The promotion will run from Monday May 2 – Sunday May 8 at midnight British Summer Time. We can’t wait to see what you decide to make! 

Sceles by Anna Maltz.

Sceles by Anna Maltz.

For our YSD customers we will also have goodie bags available for the first 20 customers that spend over £30, and everyone is welcome to enter a draw to win 4 balls of rare breed yarns generously provided by Blacker Yarns. Just enter your name and email into the jar and we will draw a name at the end of the day. 

As a special treat we will also have a preview of the sample garments from the Summer Issue of Pom Pom Quarterly! The physical copies won’t even be ready from the printers yet, but we will take pre-orders on the day if you want to make sure you get your issue right away. This is a rare opportunity to see the garments in person before the issue is available. We have some advance information that the summer issue includes quite a few garments, so it may be just the inspiration that you need to pick your summer top, and with the discount it would be a perfect time to pick up your yarn as well. 


Getting to Know: Woolly Wormhead

We are ridiculously excited to be welcoming knitting super hero Woolly Wormhead – hosting, not just one, but two brilliant workshops at Knit with attitude. Focusing on construction and techniques renown designer, independent publisher, traveller, textile artist and all around hat geek Woolly will guide us through knitting in the round and turning sideways. Both workshops will be on the Saturday, January 30th, so why not make a day out of it! We’ve created a blog reader’s special offer – when signing up for both workshops – enter code WOOLLY into your cart and receive £10 off! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

And while we wait for the big day – we’ve asked Woolly to tell us a bit more about herself. Happy reading!

Tucked Hat

Tucked by Woolly Wormhead

How long have you been knitting?
My Mum taught me when I was 3 years old, so this year marks 42 years of knitting! (that makes me feel rather old…..)

What inspired you to get into teaching?
I used to be an Art, Design & Textiles teacher for 11 to 19 yo, and so teaching knitting feels like a natural progression. I find pattern writing and teaching overlap – the same knowledge can be applied to both.
Marina Hat

Marina by Woolly Wormhead

You have written many books focused on Hats. What it it about heads that provides so much inspiration for you?
I consider Hats to be wearable sculptures – well engineered 3D forms. Prior to teaching I trained in Textiles Arts, specialising in conceptual and sculptural textiles. Prior to that I was an electronics engineer, and in my mind, designing Hats brings all of these elements together.

Is there a particular shape or stitch pattern that you are drawn to at the moment?
Short rows have always been a favourite, as has sideways construction. I’m enjoying tucks at the moment, combining them with short rows. And garter stitch – it’s simplicity lends itself very well to all types of construction and approaches!
Alveare Hat

Alveare by Woolly Wormhead

What is your design process? Do you start with a shape or a texture, or does it start with the yarn?
A bit of both – sometimes the yarn speaks, sometimes I see a stitch pattern and sometimes I see a structure or form somewhere that I’d like to try and recreate in knitted form.

Are you a process or product knitter?
Process, totally! Similarly I’m a process designer, although I do consider the product, too. But the process doesn’t end with the Hat – it extends into the photography and the wearing and the wearing, and taking the Hats to trunk shows to be tried and exhibited and so on. It’s all part of the process, I guess.
Bimitral Hat

Bimitral by Woolly Wormhead

What are you currently knitting?
I’ve a jumper and a dress on the needles for myself *somewhere* but it’s been so long since I had the time to knit for myself that I’m not even sure where to pick them up again. I do have a few Hats on my needles, though.



Back to school with our classes

There’s new notebooks in the shops, and all the kids are wearing too-big uniforms, that means it’s time for back to school! If you’re itching to learn something new, but aren’t part of the school age set, why not a knitting class?

We’ve got a full range of knitting and crochet classes available, from never knit before before beginners to our renown master classes with some very exciting teachers. We’ll be announcing the master classes over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for those! In the mean time you can get started or brush up on skills.

First up we have the basics. Our learn to knit classes span two weeks, for 2 hours from 6:30-8:30 each evening. The next one is Thursdays October 22 and 29, and another session on Tuesdays November 3 and 10. This class is perfect for absolute beginners who have never picked up a needle before, or if it’s been a long time and you’d like a refresher. you will learn to cast on, the knit stitch, casting off, and some finishing techniques.

If you’ve got a handle on the basics but are looking to expand your knitting skills we have a few great options that will help you level up. The first one is Tech knitting – how to read knitting patterns. What’s a k2tog and how do you ktbl? This class will take the mystery out of all those abbreviations and help make sense of what it all means. The next class is on Saturday October 17, from 1-2:30pm.

The next levelling up class that is great for knitters of all levels is Sewing Up and Finishing. This class covers many techniques to give your finished knits a really polished and professional look. Feel free to bring any projects that need finishing along to the class and the instructor will take a look at it and advice on the best methods. The date for this class is Tuesday October 27, from 6:30-9:30pm.


We’ve also got two sock knitting classes if you are looking to take on the ultimate knitting accessories. One is a mini sock, which means you’ll have all the skills needed to tackle a full sized sock on your own. The date for this class is Wednesday October 21, from 7-9pm.

If you want to turn socks on their head, why not try knitting them from the toe up? This clever method means that you’ll never have to worry about running out of yarn, you can knit them until you run out! It’s also a great way to learn a few more unusual knitting techniques that are handy for a variety of other projects as well. This class runs for two weeks on Thursdays November 5th and 12th, from 7-9pm.

If knitting isn’t catching your fancy, we also have learn to crochet classes. Our next class is this Saturday September 26, from 10:30-1pm. You’ll learn all everything to make one of the most common crochet pieces, the granny square! This is a great building block for future crochet projects and skills.

If you have a little crochet experience and are looking for a next project, why not learn to make a stuffed toy? The Edward’s Menagerie book is a great collection of animals that are sure to appeal to children and adults. Even better, they are great skill builders. This class includes the book, so you don’t have to choose to make just one! This class is on October 10, from 3-5pm.


Of course, if you’ve got a specific technique in mind, or have gotten stuck on a project we are always available for a one on one private lesson as well. Just let us know and we will arrange an instructor for a time that works for you!

Check out our class page for more information on each class and booking information. Don’t worry if you can’t make a time, we’ll be adding lots more in the coming weeks as well. We hope to see you soon!


Festive season is early this year!

What happen – where did all those years go? I can’t believe it has been five years already, but it has! Imagine that, in five years Knit with attitude has gone from this:

First Stall

To this:

Shop 2015

The Anniversary CollectionThis autumn and winter, Knit with attitude is celebrating 5 years in business! We have plenty of exciting and celebratory things planned, which we can’t wait to share with you. First and foremost we have teamed up with some independent knitting designers to create some exclusive knitting patterns with some of our favourite yarns, which together constitute ‘The Anniversary Collection’.

Spitalfields Shawl

First up is the Spitalfields Shawl, by our own Natalie Selles. This triangle shawl uses our DesignEtte 4ply raw silk, in two colours. We have used two balls of solid colour of Hokkaido and one ball of multi coloured Shikoku. We have kits made up for this design that have the yarn, pattern and a limited edition KWA 5 year anniversary tote bag. You can also buy the pattern to download from Natalie’s Ravelry page.

Spitalfields Shawl

I’m so in love with this design as the first of many to celebrate KWA’s anniversary, and I think it is the perfect ‘first one’ in so many ways – just look at what Natalie says about her design – I’m so happy and grateful about what she’s created for us:

Maya started her shop as a stall at the Spitalfields Market with two boxes of yarn, so this seemed like an apt name for the pattern. I wanted a shawl with strong graphic lines to represent the ethical stance that Maya has taken with the shop. The shawl is very easy as it is written in garter stitch. It is perfect for new knitters who want to expand their skills to some easy lace, or for experienced knitters looking for an easy knit.

Spitalfields ShawlWe’re not the only ones that have something grand to celebrate – oh no – look at this amazing celebratory yarn that Blacker Yarns has brought out! Celebrating their 10 year anniversary Blacker Yarns has hand blended the Cornish Tin using fibre from ten of their favourite small producers. This steely grey woollen spun yarn is blended from a collection of the highest quality British fibres including Alpaca, Gotland, Jacob, Shetland, Black Welsh Mountain, Mohair, and English Merino.

Cornish TinCornish Tin is a careful blend of lustrous, smooth fibres with slightly more bulky wools to create a lovely handle and give the yarn a delicate halo. This yarn is truly limited edition and will only be made once! This wonderfully bouncy yarn is available in a gorgeous silver grey and 4 bold dyed shades all named after Cornish Tin Mines. Now how’s that for a fibre party!



Pom Pom issue 14 yarn pairings

We are huge fans of Pom Pom here at the shop. Not only is it a wonderful modern and independent publication, but their office is local to us and the women who run it are pretty fantastic as well. The announcement of the latest issue is always an exciting day! The preview for issue 14, or The Wool Issue is no exception. It’s hard to argue with an issue with that title!

We thought we would repeat the yarn pairings blog post we did last time. This issue has 10 patterns in it, ranging from mittens and scarves to sweaters. A bonus this time around is that many of the patterns are unisex, which means an appearance of the first Pom Pom man! These patterns are all really timeless, and we see them being favourites for many years to come. The theme of the issue is wool, so understandably these are featuring some sheepy yarns!

First up is Abram’s Bridge by Mer Stevens, an oversized cable and lace cardigan. This is a proper by the fireside, pull on over your pyjamas, tea mug in hand and book in the other cardigan. The yarn that would match well with this sweater would be Vintage Wool from Erika Knight. This yarn is hearty and sheepy, perfect for layered garments. It has a great stitch definition and comes in a good range of colours.

Abram's Bridge

Abram’s Bridge by Mer Stevens

Next up is Hitchcock, Pompom’s first ever unisex sweater pattern! No surprise of course that it’s designed by Alexa Ludeman of Tincanknits fame, they are well known for their sweater patterns that go from wee to big and every size in between. The design is a true classic that anyone would find themselves reaching for on an everyday basis. The yarn called for is a wool/alpaca blend, so we are leaning towards Wool and the Gang’s Wooly Bully.

Hitchcock by Alexa Ludeman

Hitchcock by Alexa Ludeman

Wooly Bully

Wooly Bully in Chacklewell Grey

Jean is a cozy cabled pullover with sideways knit cuffs, bands and dramatic cowl neck. Nadia Crétin-Léchenne’s design is an updated and more dressy take on a classic cabled sweater. We would use Susan Crawford’s Excelana DK for this one!


Jean by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

We are excited to see the colour combinations that people come up with for Erika Smith’s Karusellen, a fair isle dala horse inspired hat. It has a pompom of course. Erika Knight’s British Blue Wool would give loads of options for combinations, and with only 25g per ball it would be easy to add a few more colours in to really personalise it.

Karusellen by Erika Smith

Karusellen by Erika Smith

In the giant scarf category there is Magdalen, by Joji Locatelli. This heavily cabled scarf looks like it could also double as a blanket! Toft DK would be perfect for wrapping up in, and the natural shades always look stunning in cables.

Magdalen by Joji Locatelli

Magdalen by Joji Locatelli



Maude by Caarin Fleischmann is another design that has embraced the cable, quite literally since it is covered in them! The yarn called for in the pattern is quite rustic, but wouldn’t it look stunning in a semi-solid handdyed yarn like Vivacious DK? The subtle shifts in the dye wouldn’t distract from the cables, and they would complement the textured stitch pattern on the sleeves beautifully.


Maude by Caarin Fleischemann

Fyberspates Vivacious

Fyberspates Vivacious in Blue Lagoon

The Pom Pom peeps always try to include a crochet design, and this issue is no exception. This time around it is North Shore by Maria Valles, a great bulky-hooked ski-hat (or toque if you are Canadian) uses 3 colours in a zigzag pattern. It would be hard to pick just three Erika Knight Maxi Wool colours to use!

North Shore

North Shore by Maria Valles

Oak Crest has some fantastic twisted stitches and cables. It’s another unisex pattern offering from Maisie Howarth. A yarn like Islington DK would be warm and cozy and show off the design in a drool worth fashion. The semi-solid dyes have only the subtlest variation, so they won’t compete with the design.

Oak Crest

Oak Crest by Maisie Howarth

Islington DK in Old Smoke

Islington DK in Old Smoke

Pianissimo from new designer Thien-Kieu Lam has a gorgeous allover stitch pattern that would looks easy enough to memorize, but with enough interest to keep you from getting bored while you knit miles of it. The pattern would look great in a variety of yarns, but we are considering Rooster Almerino DK. It’s got loads of colours, and the 25% alpaca would drape and be cozy warm for autumn evenings.


Pianissimo by Thien-Kieu Lam

Rooster Almerino Ocean 208

Rooster Almerino Ocean 208

Last but not least there is Woodland Tales, a pair of mittens from Melody Hoffman. The pair in the magazine are knit in a tweedy yarn, but a solid yarn would show off the delicate lace along the back of the hand more clearly for a crisper look. A yarn like Du Store Alpakka Mirasol would do the trick, and keep your hands toasty warm while they are at it.

Woodland Tales

Woodland Tales by Melody Hoffman

Phew! This issue of Pom Pom has 16 extra pages in it, and we are loving it! More patterns and more articles, you can never have too much of this magazine. We can’t wait to start and see the finished pieces fly off the needles.

Note: We have the magazine listed as a pre-order in the shop, and will ship them as soon as we get them if you place an order. We expect them in by mid-August.


Repost: Susan Crawford – Looking Back and Looking ahead

What is there to say about Susan Crawford? She is in no need of an introduction, as her name is well known both within knitting, vintage and the fashion scene.

Susan CrawfordVintage fashion and craft magazines from the 1930s to the 1950s has long been an obsession for her and this fascination is very clear in her bespoke designs. She is the author behind several publications on vintage knitting amongst them the Stitch in Time Vol 1 and Vol 2. At Knit with attitude we are over the moon thrilled about having Susan visiting us Saturday April 25th!

Repost from Susan Crawdord’s blog Just Call me Ruby April 9th 2015:


Looking Back and Looking ahead

The lovely Maya at Knit With Attitude in Stoke Newington, has long been a stockist and supporter of all things Susan Crawford Vintage. In fact, when I announced the pre orders for for the republication of A Stitch in Time volume 1,  Maya was one of the first retailers to get in touch and pre order the book.

Many emails have passed forwards and back but we have never managed to meet. However, on Saturday 25th April I will be presenting a talk at the shop, “Looking Back and Looking Ahead”. The talk begins at 1pm and is completely free, although booking is required as space is limited.

So what is the talk all about?

I will be looking at my career to date paying particular attention to the long life of A Stitch in Time volume 1 – now in its 7th year of publication. I will have a selection of samples, old and new, for people to look at and try on and I will also explain how I have approached the recreation of these garments.

Then we will be looking ahead to the forthcoming publication of The Vintage Shetland Project which in collaboration with The Shetland Museum, has taken over three years to date and will finally be published in October of this year. I will have with me a small and very secret selection of some of the items being knitted for the book and I will share an insight into the work that’s gone and is still going, into the project.

There will then be a general Susan Crawford Vintage trunk show celebrating the introduction of Fenella to the Knit With Attitude range of Susan Crawford yarns.

I hope to see some of you there!

for now,
Susan xx


What about learning something new?

After hibernating trough the winter and the last cold spells, where all you want to do in cuddle up at home preferably under a nice cosy blanket, it is refreshing to finally feel that the energy level is rising. As the days grow longer and brighter I definitely feel more energetic. It is easier to find that initiative to get active, get across that front door threshold, and my old friend; Ms I-Want-To-Try-Something-I-Haven’t-Done-Before is finally revisiting.

If you’re anything like me, why not exploit this newfound energy to learn something new? Make your own Granny Square blanket, or dip your toe into some proper sock knitting! By the way, did I mention that Knit with attitude’s Spring Schedule is LIVE? Now, what’s listed in the schedule is far from all that’s happening this spring, oh no, you’re up for some proper treats! We’ll add more events as we go along – and yes, there will be a few of those intriguing and inspiring master classes I know some of you love so much! So keep checking in to keep updated, and don’t forget; next knit night is coming up February 19th!

Top Down Socks